Love and Laughter: A Recipe for Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Meyette

Love and Laughter: A Recipe for Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Meyette.


A Little Mystery, a Little History, a Little Romance Elizabeth Meyette

How romance weaved its way into my mystery.


A Little Mystery, a Little History, a Little Romance

After writing two historical romance novels, I wanted to tackle my other favorite genre, mystery. I couldn’t help it—the characters in my mystery fell in love. My friend and editor, H.J. remarked after rereading Middlemarch, “Every book is a romance.” Pretty much. We all seek to love and be loved, so one of the most compelling elements in a story is relationships. Romance seems especially fascinating.

Needless to say, there is romance in The Cavanaugh House. Jesse Graham is reeling after her fiancé, Robert’s, betrayal; her trust factor is at an all-time low, her defenses at an all-time high. Enter Joe Riley with his easy smile and laid-back charm, and Jesse feels her resolve eroding with each encounter.

I set The Cavanaugh House in 1968—a quirky time period that can’t be nailed down as historical and certainly isn’t contemporary—for…

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The Cavanaugh House Awaits You…

Return to Rio

THC BookCoverPreview (2)                          Elizabeth Meyette

Today I’m truly excited to have Elizabeth Meyette here at Return to Rio, talking about her brand new release, The Cavanaugh House. Elizabeth also writes historical fiction and promised to give readers some insight into her personal journey along This Writer’s Road.

Elizabeth, before we talk about your books and your new release, The Cavanaugh House, please tell us a little about yourself:

Leslie, it’s so nice to visit with you and your readers today. My husband, Rich, and our kids are very supportive of my quirky writerly ways. The kids are on their own now, but Rich puts up with my dazed condition on writing days when all brain power is focused on my work. When I retired from teaching a few years early to pursue my writing career, I dusted off my manuscript for Love’s Destiny which had languished on my closet shelf for all those…

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Welcome a M.V. Freeman

I had a fabulous time writing this story–Tanisha is a fabulous host. 🙂

Tanisha D. Jones


Welcome my fellow Aponte Literary Author M.V. Freeman and her wonderfully enchanting short story-

Fairytale Hearts

“I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” Leonard slumped forward banging his head onto the dented grey metal desk before him, startling the short, squat woman with purple lipstick and pink bouffant hair sitting on the other side filling out a stack of paperwork.
“What kind of pen?” She asked in a strikingly deep voice, the kind that sent shivers up one’s spine. “The gel ones are fantastic.” She clicked hers a number of times to illustrate her point.
“I don’t know. I just put it in my pocket.” Leonard didn’t look up, but murmured into the metal surface, making his voice come out hollow. It smelled like onion rings. He hated onion rings.
“It’s not much use there.” Taking a stack of paper next to her, she slapped it next…

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Finding the time to write – your secret weapon

9781440557286Last weekend, I headed south to attend the North Louisiana Romance Writer’s chapter conference, NOLA’s Written in the Stars. My topic? Time management or finding the time to write.

We’re all busy. If you’re not, you should be writing.  No excuses. (grin)

But for those of us who juggle day jobs, families, household chores,and an occasional workout, time is hard to come by.  Or at least time when your refreshed and creative.

So here are a few best practices that came from the workshop

-Set a writing appointment with yourself.  Treat this like you would your doctor appointment.  Just do it.

-Plan ahead for your writing.  Plot, prepare, and set up your family with dinner before you set down for your writing time.

-Use hot tea, or a lighted candle, or mood music to get your muse in the room.

-Get up an hour earlier each day to write.

-Stay off the computer while you write.

So what are your best time management skills? Share with the group.


New Month, New Goals?

9781440557286February 7th.  The crowds at the gym are fading out.  The daily specials at the grocery store are wings and potato chips. And the New Year resolutions have all gone by the wayside.

Or have they?

Just because January didn’t go your way, doesn’t mean its time to give up. Now’s the time to dig in, find that second wind, and find a way to make forward progress on your goals.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of starting over.  Whether it be on your resolutions, or, like Barb, my heroine in The Bull Rider’s Manager, maybe its a complete do over for your life.  Barb’s seen herself as the career woman.  That’s where she was successful.  Her love life, well that had always been a disaster. Now, she’s done something foolish again.

Trying to come back from life’s trials takes a lot of determination, dedication, and luck.  I guess, I’m a lot like Barb.  As a woman, I don’t know my own strength.  But I’m learning.

So what have you let slide this last month?  What are you recommitting to today?

I’m back on the eating healthy path.  Maybe I’ll see you there?


THE BULL RIDER’S MANAGER – available at Amazon/BN/and where ever fine digital books are sold…

Barb Carico’s all about business.  Now that her best friend tied the knot with Barb’s new business partner, she’s busier than ever. Managing Jesse Sullivan’s career and public persona can be a handful. Add in an aging mother who goes through home health nurses like candy, Barb’s hanging on the edge.

Her one salvation?  Hunter Martin, prodigal son of Martin Family Dairy and, hopefully, Jesse’s next sponsor. After his brother’s death, Hunter’s become an instant dad to his seven-year-old niece.  For Hunter, the rodeo weekend with Barb is the perfect excuse to relax.

When their dinner turns into a quick trip to a Vegas wedding chapel, both Barb and Hunter agree their nuptials were a mistake Barb doesn’t know anything about being a wife or mother but she needs one favor.  A favor she’ll trade her lifestyle, independence, and even risk her heart to make come true.