One Week Later – What’s Next?

Hi I’m Nicole and this is my first blog for the “Ladies in Red”. I’ve been a “Red Lady” since June of this year and I couldn’t be happier to be blogging here today.

Well it’s been over a week since my book “Masquerade” was released to the world. So am I any different than I was just over a week ago? Do I look any different? Do I sound any different?

No, I’m still me. I’m still the person that has to get the kids up and make sure they eat breakfast and get to school on time. I still have to wash etc. But I know I’m different. I’m a published author now. A dream that had seemed so far off so many years ago is real. There is a book out there with my name on the front cover and someone right now could be reading it while they catch the train to work.  And that is a most amazing feeling.

So what’s next? Well the obvious thing would be – keep writing. That is so true, but also the doubts set in. The little voice that says, what if this book is the only book I’ll ever sell? What if I’ve lost my creative streak. What if I’m a one book girl? What if I’ll NEVER finish the books I’ve started?

Some might think these thoughts are a little ‘out there’ considering I’ve already got one book published, but they are there. We’re writers we talk to ourselves so of course we have these little conversations in our mind where irrational thoughts turn up ALL the time! It’s allowed.

All joking aside, for me, they have been real thoughts, but I’ve stomped on them. I have a book out there that is getting good reviews. I’ve had a great week since my release and it’s only made me want this more. This isn’t my only book, Masquerade is just the start.
My name is Nicole and I AM a published author.