Meet Lady in Red- K.M. Jackson

I’m so excited to be here on the Ladies in Red blog amongst these fantastic authors introducing myself today and shouting out that this week my debut novel Through The Lens is finally here! What an amazing and slightly overwhelming feeling to say that your book is set loose, out, into world for anyone to read.

Now since this is a Meet Lady in Red post let me share  a few K.M. Jackson facts and stats with you:

Single, married, divorced?

I’m marred for the past 23 years to a wonderful man who once made the mistake of saying to me when I was about to give up when my first novel was rejected,  “Well then, you give in too easily.” So here I am over 10 years later still writing and now finally being published. LOL.


I have teen boy/girl twins who are currently in college.  I’ve given them the heads up that though they are adults they are still my babies and Through The Lens is so NOT the book for them.

What’s your secret passion?

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know it’s no secret. Those darn “Not so Real Housewives”. I keep getting sucked in season after season.

If you didn’t live where you do, where would you live? Why?

I adore New York. I’m born and raised here and really can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Though in my dreams I do imagine spending some time in Paris or maybe at villa in Tuscany like in the movie. That would be so much fun.

Do you write about where you live or where you’d like to live?

They say write what you know so New York comes into play in most of my stories.

Why do you write romance novels?

Always a dreamer, I’ve loved romance since I was a kid. It was my escape.  I remember sneaking my mom’s and my grandmother’s romance books. I loved the drama and the happy endings. Though I may try my hand at other genres I don’t think I could write a book without a bit of romance. It’s where my heart is.

What one thing from your book did you take from personal experience?

There were a few bits I took loosely from personal experience. In my past last life I was a woman’s sportswear designer so I know a little of what it feels like to be like my heroine Mika, a regular woman in the world of New York fashion. That said the rest is all fiction. I’ve never been on any shoot on a tropical island. If only I were so lucky.

With that said, how about I give you a bit more about Through The Lens:

Mika Walters is a normal woman working in the not so normal world of New York Fashion. As long time assistant to sexy photographer Alejandro Vargas she’s tired of being the girl in the background.


After a travel mishap where the rest of the crew can’t make the remote location shoot for another three days Mika is taking her moment to catch Alejandro’s eye and put herself in front of Alejandro’s camera and if all goes to plan, his bed…

Alejandro doesn’t know what’s gotten into Mika, maybe it’s the sand, maybe it’s the sun, but he doesn’t really care. All he knows is that he’s finally opened his eyes and is seeing her clearly for the first time as the smart, gorgeous and incredibly irresistible woman she is.

But why can’t she realize that what he’s feeling for her is not one of his usual one, well, three night stands? What’s it going to take for him to prove to Mika that she’s the woman he wants?

Now and forever.  

Thanks so much hanging with me here today.

All the best,

K.M. Jackson

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