Meet the Ladies in Red — Elizabeth Palmer

Hello, Crimson Romance readers and writers!

I’m Elizabeth Palmer, the author of Best Laid Plans, a contemporary romance that will be released July 2nd.  I’ve always been called “Betsi,” so even though I write under my legal name, it’s almost like having a pseudonym.

I’ve been married for 35 years (divided between two different husbands!) and I have three grown daughters and six grandchildren.  The latest family addition was twin granddaughters born in March.  If they didn’t live in a different state, I’d probably spend every day with them and abandon my writing completely!

My home is in upstate New York, which has its charms—but isn’t the best setting for fiction.  Joyce Carol Oates makes it work for her, but my style is a bit lighter.  Although I’ve traveled, and would live in Southern California if I could, “borrowing” other locales for my books makes me nervous.  I envy authors who use setting deftly; I tend to focus on characters and their interior lives . . . and I hate research.  Maybe that’s why I’m married to a librarian.  🙂

I was first published in “the Trues” many years ago, and then put my writing on the proverbial back burner.  I raised my children and completed my Bachelor’s degree and worked part-time, all while living with a chronic illness that made my days totally unpredictable.  Returning to writing eventually, because I couldn’t not, I completed and sold my first romance novel, Home Style Lovin’, and had several short stories published in Woman’s World magazine.  I don’t think of myself as a “romance writer” – romance is just one of the genres I write in.  I write to explore the nature of relationships, and not all of them end in happily-ever-after.  Romance readers love the ones that do, and I’m happy to provide them!

The absolute best part of writing for me is hearing from a reader who was touched in some way by my work.  The worst part is marketing, but if I don’t do it, how will I reach that potential reader?  The actual writing feels like torture at times.  The book or story in my head isn’t the one that ends up on the page, and I struggle to accept “good enough” and move on.  Then there are the times that the writing flows,  and it’s the biggest rush in the world.

My current work-in-progress is a romance called Time Enough for Love.  The heroine, Kelly Van Dorn, has MS—a disease I know intimately.  Kelly is a successful businesswoman, but her chronic illness has already destroyed one relationship and she’s reluctant to risk her heart again.  It will take a strong and determined hero to break down her defenses, but I happen to know just the man for the job . . .

You can read more about me and the progress I’m making on the new book on my website/blog: