Lady in Red – Denyse Cohen


1. Introduce yourself, please—My name is Denyse Cohen I’m the author of the contemporary romance “One Hit Wonder.”
2. Let’s get the details out of the way:
Single, married, divorced, widowed? I’ve been happily married for nearly twelve years.
Parent? I have been bestowed the most precious gift I’ll ever get: a son. He is six-years old and every time I look in his face I feel the luckiest person alive.
Living where? Columbia, South Carolina
Doing what, other than writing? I like working with mixed-media and saving the planet (through an online platform called evoke)
One—just one—physical characteristic—Since my son has inherited my big brown eyes, I’ve learned to appreciate them much more.

3. What’s your secret passion? If I tell you it won’t be secret anymore.

4. Tell us one thing about yourself you’d never change. My ability to dream about things that are seemingly impossible to achieve, like being a published author.

5. If you didn’t live where you do, where would you live? Why? In Brazil, because my heart has been calling home for a while now.

6. Do you write about where you live or where you’d like to live? About everywhere. That’s one of the perks of writing.

7. What’s the first creative writing you remember doing outside a class? Greeting cards for family and friends.

8.Why do you write romance novels? Because I think everyone deserves a happily-ever-after. Life is too hard as it is.

9. What else do you write? I’ve written a script and short stories.

10. What one thing from your book did you take from personal experience? The unavoidable personal struggles people face when life seems to be working against them.

11. What did you cut from your book that felt like severing a body part? A scene where Audrey’s mother express her crush on Paul Giamatti.

12. Do you identify closely with one particular character? How? I think John’s quietness is something I share with him.

13.The best part about my writing life is: Creating characters that feel as alive as myself.

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14. The worst part about my writing life is: Wondering if people will see what I saw in the story.

15. Give us a hint about what the next book’s like. I’m dipping my toes in the challenging and exciting realm of urban fantasy: Jade fears only one thing in life: finding her soul-mate. Unfortunately, falling in love is not up to her or Peter—the human whose life-energy is identical to hers. After a chance encounter the two are swept up in a centuries-long battle that will decide the very fate of their love—and their lives.

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