Writing sun when snow is on the ground.

9781440557286I’m penning a short story this week.  A high school reunion set at a local (Idaho) resort, if you use the word resort very liberally. And what’s been the hardest part, is getting the feeling of the story to match the warm June morning I’m trying to evoke, rather than the chilly and gray January day I’m experiencing.

I’ve brought out the suntan lotion to remind me of summers as a teenager, laying by the pool, slathering coco butter on my very white body. Trying not to burn. The smell of coconut overwhelming anything else on my senses.

But my mind keeps going back to one Martin Luther King holiday in January where I took my nieces up to a hot springs in historic Idaho City. The unheated changing room had me questioning my fun getaway, but once we were in the pool, everything was glorious.  The snow on the hills around us made the light from the pool sparkle.  And the girls and I giggled and laughed for hours.  Best. Day. Ever.

Today, I’m pulling out the hot dogs and going for a taste of summer to open up my senses.

So other LIR’s, what have you done to get yourself in the mood to write out of season? And, no, a trip to Hawaii is probably out of the question.  At least this year.

And – check out the reviews coming in for The Bull Rider’s Manager.  5 stars from Harlequin Junkie and Love in a Book Reviews.




  1. Gosh. This is like me writing a Christmas story in April (I’m actually working on one right now). What’s helping me right now is I have LAST year’s story to piggyback on, so when I scan that story to check world-building details it’s like I’m still in the same timeline.
    I guess the other thing that helps me write out of season is the fact I’m a North Carolinian (though not at the moment). Winter for an NCian means something a lot different than folks from higher latitudes. It just doesn’t stay cold long there.

    Being in Colorado right now, though, I’d be hard-pressed to write a novel set at the beach. It was 7 degrees here a few days ago and there’s snow on the ground. I would have to dig really, REALLY deep to write something set a a sunny resort.

    • Holley, I have a Christmas story started, somewhere in my documents… I planned on pulling it out this season, but, well, you know plans. LOL We have no snow on the ground, but it’s been in the 20’s all week, Which means my day job office is freezing!

  2. The suntan lotion was a good idea, Lynn. 🙂 I bet it was an awesome scene. 🙂
    -R.T. Wolfe

    • I’ve been so busy, I haven’t finished my story. This week. Definitely, this week. Or next…

  3. I’m always writing winter scenes it seems. Sometimes, I pull on a cozy sweater, even if I have shorts and a tank top underneath.

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