What Tough Girls Do –

I really root for the tough girls, the ones that can and do make it on their own every day through their personal brand of grit and smarts. So, when I wrote Bring It On, I wanted to portray that type of woman. One that never really needed or desired a man to control her life, and was determined to steer clear of the ones that wanted to.

Kathryn Delroy is smart, and strong, in many ways. A former track star, she isn’t interested or concerned with her looks, though she’s blessed with them anyway.

So what do tough girls like her do for thrills? Ha, well that’s the thing –there’s not a lot she can’t do. She grew up the little sister of a guy that was into sports, hunting, and lake life. She learned to wake board, snow board, and run like the wind; which is why she ended up a track star in High School and College. She could keep up with the boys and did. Nothing irritated her more than to be listed as one of ESPN’s hottest athletes – because they’d recognized her for the wrong reasons.

Okay, well one thing irritated her more –running into her brother’s best friend after ten years of silence and finding him just as frustratingly irresistible. To top it all off, she gets thrown into being his partner for all the team building exercises at a remote company seminar in Alaska. She finds herself literally thigh to thigh with him, then other parts get involved and well, things get carried away in the wilderness.

She learns what toughness really means when she and Thomas, the friend turned –something more, end up hunted by a hired killer because they decided to give in to fifteen years of pent up lust for each other.

How do you save yourself from someone that’s a professional at getting his man (or in this case woman)? And what do you do about the guy you tried to steer clear of and couldn’t when things get life threatening?

See how Kathryn handles it, in Bring It On.




  1. Ooh. Hired killer? My interest is piqued. Totally curious about what prompted his hire.

    • The hired killer is a pretty interesting character himself. He will surprise you.

  2. Ditto, Shelley! Great post!
    -R.T. Wolfe

  3. Great post, Shelley! Your title, BRING IT ON, is perfect, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Thanks! I went back and forth with several titles on this one but that did seem to fit best. I appreciate your comments –have a great day.      


  4. Wonderful post, Shelley. Lovely to hear more about your writing.

  5. Totally love the attitude from the title.

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