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Author Holley Trent

Holley Trent

Hey there! My name is Holley Trent, and I’m not bashful about admitting that’s a pen name. I write under a pseudonym for a variety of reasons, but the biggest one is that the writer me has a much more outgoing personality than the real-life me. In person, I’m the sort who’ll listen a lot and not say much because I’m observing the world around me. Inside my head, I’m talking a mile a minute. “Holley Trent” is an amalgamation of my grandmothers’ maiden names, and I have no idea whether or not they’d be proud of what I write. It’s a little bit durty.

I’m a married mother of two currently residing in Colorado. I’m a Carolina girl at heart, however, and have roots going back a hundreds of years on my maternal side in The Tarheel State. I’m a full-time writer, full-time mom, and full-time cat box-scooper.

If you ever meet me in person, you’ll find that one of my most prominent features is my hair. The way it looks in that picture up there is actually atypical for me. I fought with it for twenty-five years and decided my energy was better spent doing other things than straightening the hell out of it. My hair is really curly—it’s so curly that when it’s wet it can shrink about eighty percent. So, I can basically go from having flat, body-less hair down my back to having hair that looks like a fuzzy microphone cover with one small squirt of shampoo. Self-acceptance was slow for me, but now my big frizzy halo is just a part of me (even when the halo has a hair elastic holding it down).
My Nora cover
The female main character in my upcoming 11/26 release My Nora inherited some of my hair grief, and I think she’ll always be sensitive about the way her hair looks (I’m obviously pretending Nora is a real person.). Society says there’s this “ideal woman” and being outside that norm can cripple self-confidence, especially when a woman is still growing into herself. I think I’m past that point, but creating Nora’s character was still rather cathartic for me.

I write romance novels because I love reading the last sentence of the last page of a book and feeling like, “Gosh, love is beautiful.” I’ve never read a romance novel that’s put me in a bad mood, and that’s why I write them.

After My Nora, my next Crimson title will be an April release called Sold As Is. Like My Nora, it’s set in rural Chowan County, North Carolina, but is a bit campier. It’s a hot, sassy story about a hapless used car saleswoman who’s unlucky in love…that is until the governor’s son literally runs smack dab into her on her stepfather’s car lot. Writing that book was a lot of fun. It has a few laugh-out-loud moments. Some of the characters may or may not be based on real people. (Ahem.)

If you hang out on Twitter, I’m there all the livelong day as @holleytrent. I also blog at and sometimes I update my Facebook fan page. (Having “fans” is a weird phenomenon.)



  1. Holly,
    I agree. Us authors are generally introvert types to an extent. We publish and book and are suddenly thrushed into the center of attention. Eek!
    Lovely post. It’s nice getting to know you.
    -R.T. Wolfe

    • I swear, if there was a way for folks to hear my internal dialogue, they’d probably back away slowly. 😉

  2. Nice to meet you Holly! Ah, the joins and pains of hair. I recently cut mine short and quickly remembered why I love short hair cuts. Good luck with your releases!

    • Ponytails and me are BFFs. I don’t have the willpower for much beyond that. I’m basically a fashion disgrace.

  3. Hi Holley!

    You are not alone. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who was satisfied with her hair. If it is straight they want curly. If it is curly they want straight. I’m naturally blonde. Great, huh? Doesn’t everyone want to be blonde? Except I’m so boringly, boringly white bread. A hairdresser once gushed over my ‘beige blonde’ hair. Beige? *Really* Can you *think* of a more boring color? I like my friend’s wild corkscrew curls. So sassy. If only that could be me!

    Can’t wait to read My Nora!

    • Beige! That’s going to show up in a future book. You’ll see. 😉

  4. Hi Holley,
    I’m a clippy girl. My hair is aways tucked away in a clippy so I look like a sexy librarian. That’s my story, anyway.

    Welcome to CR.

  5. A little late but –this book sounds fabulous. I’m downloading it asap.

    • Squeee!

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