When the Lights Go Out – A Night with Mr. Darcy

As a native Northeast New Jerseyan, I had a single thought in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy: Charge. The. Kindle.  If I remembered to do that, (and, for those who are wondering, I did), I had no fears. Of course, the physical needs would be met – I had water, canned soup, batteries, etc. and so on.  But more than that, I had what I needed to take me away from the cold and the darkness.  I had my stories.  I would be fine.
I ignored the fact that my husband, a man of many talents, is no reader.  Furthermore, his boredom would inevitably affect any hope I may have had of solitary moments.  Productive and mind-expanding alone time would be anything but.  And the moment did arrive where the power went out, and I was forced to acknowledge that a hundred hours of reading time on my Kindle would be no good to me, so long as he was bored.
The saying, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ has been around a while, because it’s true.  Or, in my case, necessity (read: desperation) was the mother of ingenuity.  I had a predicament.  I had one, fully charged Kindle, and one bored husband.  Unable to separate one from the other, I decided they simply had to merge.
Happily, I married a man who appreciates a good story, albeit on screen, and provided it was not produced prior to 2005.  It is my very great fortune that the Keira Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice was produced that very year.  My husband is a fan.
Thus, my Kindle and my husband became one.  By the light of a trusted flashlight, I read aloud passages from Jane Austen’s novel that I knew he would recall from the film.  Many of us know the wide grins that result from Mrs. Bennett crying, ‘Its Mr. Bingley!’ or Mr. Collins confessing ‘the violence of’ his affection for Elizabeth, and my husband is among us.
I have since returned to the day job, but my husband’s office remains without power.  And on Monday of this week, what did I find that he did with his day at home?  If you guessed that he re-watched Pride and Prejudice on Bluray, you guessed correctly.
I may not have made it to Mr. Darcy’s proposals that one night during the power outage, but a man who will listen to me read aloud from the classics is a real Mr. Darcy to me. I hear there is a Nor’easter coming our way tonight… I’d better check the battery on my Kindle.
Upon the unexpected death of her parents, Rhianna Braden finds the enigmatic
Lord Guilford Kingsley on her doorstep. He escorts her to Kingsley Manor, where
family secrets and scandals begin to unfold. Her uncommon beauty captures the
attention of the dashing Lord Thayne Brighton of Ravensleigh, but Rhianna is
certain, despite their mutual attraction, that he would never choose her over
his wealthy intended. Meanwhile, Lady Lydia Kingsley suspects her husband’s
attention to Rhianna has led to an affair between them. Events turn deadly when
the truth of their relationship is discovered. Eventually, Rhianna is forced to
make a life-altering decision while discovering that some secrets are not meant
to be kept.
Available at: Crimson Romance ebooks | Amazon | B&N | iTunes


  1. Amanda,
    Loved the book. Loved the movie-which hardly ever happens with me. Great post. I wish you the best of luck and many sales!
    -R.T. Wolfe

    • Hi R.T.,
      That makes two of us! I loved the BBC version the best, but it’s prior to 2005, so I’m watching that one alone LOL

  2. […] my personal experience with Hurricane Sandy, and how Pride and Prejudice came to the rescue on the Ladies In Red […]

  3. What a great story! (Well, P&P, of course, but mainly the story about your hubby.) My rogue might have let me read to him, I suppose. I guess you never know until you’re in that situation. He does love a good story. AND, if I played my cards right, he might even have let me ready my own story aloud. Muahahaha!

    Great job coming to your hero’s rescue during the power outage. I’m glad that you and yours are okay, Amanda.

    • Hi Katherine,
      Give it a try! That’s what they did back in the day – with no TV, internet, smartphones, etc., families read by candlelight! I hope we don’t lose power again tonight! They’re talking winds up to 50 miles an hour again… at least if we do, my Kindle is re-charged! 🙂

  4. One day we went camping and a blizzard hit while we were up there. So instead of walking, I’m stuck in the tent with a space heater and a book. I got to read all weekend. It was amazing.

    • Hi Lynn, sure sounds like an amazing weekend to me! You had everything you needed! 😀

  5. That’s wonderful. I’m usually bustling around and my husband is doing the reading aloud to me. I’ll call to him from room to room, I can still hear you! He’s been known to follow me into the bathroom and read behind my shoulder while I do my hair and put on my makeup in the morning before work. I love it when he reads to me. What will you read to him next? Find him something exciting or funny next. Wet his appetite for more entertaining hours in your company.

    • That’s a great man you’ve got there, Tara! Good idea to plan ahead, too… I want my guy to take me to see the new Les Mis movie when it comes out, so maybe I’ll go with that! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Oh, I *so* empathize with the ‘one bored husband’ – lol. Congrats to you for finding a solution!

    • OMG Irene, like, right?!?! LoL I appreciate the empathy – I hope if you fall into a similar situation, my experience helps you, too! 😉

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