The rest of the love story.

What happens after the meet cute? The story might be between the pages of a book…

When I went walking with my BFF in New York City, we came across a street vendor selling used books.  For the bargain price of $3, I got a gently used, gifted copy of Illusions, my favorite Richard Bach book of all times. (The vendor didn’t realize, I would have paid twice that!) Inside the cover, the first purchaser, Paul, had written these words,   To Holly, Artist, Spiritualist, Adventurer, Dreamer.

Wow, right?  It makes me wonder what my husband would write?  Cook, Writer, Dog Walker, Bill Payer? Maybe not, but to have a man see you as a muse? They must have been deeply in love.

So, why was this book on a street vendor’s table?  What had happened between Paul and Holly?  Had she been swept away in a typhoon on one of their adventures?  Or was the truth less fictional, Paul and Holly had drifted apart.

See, from a chance purchase of a book I’d loved as a teen, I’m down the path for the story.  Looking for a happy ever after for Paul and Holly.  But no, if one or both of them are reading this love story, they can’t have the book back.

What item have you come across that has spurred a story that you need to write someday?




  1. Cook, writer, dog walker, bill payer? Can I be envious? Great post, Lynn, and best of luck with your new release!
    -R.T. Wolfe
    Black Creek Burning (Crimson Romance, 2012)

    • I know, I live a wild life! LOL Thanks for stopping in RT.

  2. Love that inscription. I have no idea what my guy would write to me, probably something similar to yours: envelope addresser, iPod fixer, writer, photographer.

    Once, we were at a fancy restaurant on a date and across the dining room I saw a handsome man sitting at a table with a single red rose on the table across from him. No one ever showed up and eventually he left after only ordering a drink…but I’ve always wondered: who was he waiting for? And why the no-show? Maybe I’ll write that one some day.

    • Great story Kristi – you just want to reach out and touch his shoulder. How sad to be stood up, especially since he took the time for the rose.

      One of my dates put a dozen red roses in the passenger floorboard for me when we went to a concert together. So sweet.

  3. Lynn – what a fabulous story! I work in NYC and wish I could find these vendors, but I’m downtown and they’re nary to be seen. Anyway, what a great story that would make! Doesn’t it get the imagination going? I love books… the books I can hold in my hand. Ebooks are wonderful and the new wave, but there’s nothing like holding those pages in your hands. Sigh. I love your experience. I want one like that, too.

    • Terri, My friend says I get this look on my face when a story is brewing as we’re talking. I got that comment alot that week. LOL

  4. What a wonderful story…makes me wonder too what happened to them. I saw something the other day – a middle aged man riding a skate board in the middle of traffic on a Connecticut street. He looked like an old surfer and I imagined him transplanted and out of his element and still trying to do his thing. Can’t get him out of my head. Maybe he’ll show up as a character in one of my books! Thanks for getting me thinking.

    • I like your guy… Was this normal behavior for John? Okay, his name can’t be John… Something new agey – Moonbeam is too far… Kind of like Jim on Taxi…

  5. Lynn,

    Your tale just proves you’re a writer. Imagining the life and love of Paul and Holly. 🙂

    A piece of dragon artwork inspired my latest WIP. It sits on my desk as a daily reminder to hop off the internet and write. Hmmm…guess, I’d better do that now. 🙂

    • Mary, I did a collage for the WIP. I don’t know if it’s helping or hurting. LOL

  6. hey lynn,
    my first book was written after a room mate went nuts, myself and the landlady were warned by the police not to go back to the house, and i eventually visited her strapped into her bed at the local looney bin. it was incredibly depressing. so of course i wrote about it but gave it a happier ending. i think i’d still rather hear about your two people.
    that’s why i write romances now…
    great post!

    • Nora, that would be depressing. I’ve had a few incidents in my life that eventually, I’ll write about. But for now, I’m digging the HEA!

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Great story about finding the book. In high school (small rurual town) one of the wooden chairs had a couple’s name carved in, followed by the date several years earlier. I always though theirs would be a neat story to write. But now that I write historicals, it stories take on a different bent.

    Good luck with your new book.

    • Thanks Barb – I got to see a draft of the cover today. I can’t believe The Bull Rider’s Manager is releasing 11-19. So exciting. It’s been a good week.

      You coming east on Saturday?

  8. I have not had an item spur me to write a story, Lynn. Perhaps I should purchase more used books. Great post!

    • I’m writing that story, come what may. The good thing is seeing the book keeps it fresh in my mind. I tend to forget things. Thanks for stopping in!

  9. I agree with Mary–your imaginings of the life and times of Paul and Holly prove that you’re a writer. An excellent writer with a great creative sense.

    Thanks for making us wonder about inscriptions and the tales that go along with them.

    • Ahhh, thanks Pamala. The lala’s know how to support, that’s for sure.

      I’m always curious about people. And I want everyone to have a HEA.

  10. What a great story, Lynn! And I love how your imagination has run with it. The latest story kicking around in my head was inspired by a speeding ticket, LOL!

    • Sorry about the speeding ticket, but I hope the story’s great!

  11. Wow, this reminds me of something that happened to me. I bought a book some years ago, and found a wedding picture inside. It had clearly been taken in the 1970’s. The couple’s names were written on the back, so I did some online research in hopes of returning the photo.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone with those names. I have to assume the husband, at least, has died in the intervening years. The wife may have remarried, or perhaps they both are no longer living.

    It does make one think. Were they killed together in a car crash? Was it a murder-suicide? Maybe the marriage ended in divorce, and she took back her maiden name (though that doesn’t explain what happened to him!). Perhaps the husband was killed by the mob, and the wife is now in the Witness Protection program…or perhaps he was a casualty of the Gulf War, and she’s simply remarried. I guess I’ll never know.

    How sad to lose such a keepsake. I’ve always wondered who used that particular picture as a bookmark…

    • Great story! I look at the pictures for sale at the flea market and wonder why a family would have let them go?

      All of the stories that aren’t told, right?

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