Stop the Presses and Meet Bécquer (Immortal Love)


by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban





September 17 has  arrived and Immortal Love is finally on sale.

To celebrate let’s meet Becquer.

Let’s see him through Carla’s eyes as he insinuates himself into her life teasing her with his old-fashioned manners and good looks, before disappearing in a blur of blue.

 Carla Meets Bécquer

Bécquer came back sooner than I expected and set the espresso in front of me: a small cup on a saucer, the European way. I thanked him for the coffee and for the fact that he had brought me a real cup. How did he know, I wondered, that I missed the Spanish cafés and the coffee served like this, in white porcelain cups? Maybe he missed them, too, and he had guessed.

How strange the little things I remembered from my old life, the one I gave up when I followed my ex-husband to the States. I shook my head to get rid of the memories, and sipped my coffee.

Bécquer stared at me.

“I loved your story,” he said, when I put the cup down.

Bécquer at the Halloween Party. Dressed as Dorian Gray

Despite the fury that burned inside me, my breath caught in my chest, for he was a vision of beauty in his three piece black suit, the jacket open to reveal a white shirt, a red vest, a white rosebud caught in its lapel. His black hair, slightly longer than fashionable, came almost to his shoulders, framing his handsome face that, even now flustered in anger, had the beauty of a Michelangelo statue come to life.

In a swift movement, Bécquer was by my side. “How much have you heard?” he asked, a trace of irritation in his voice.

Bécquer drives away

Outside the window, coming down Main, a blue BMW convertible waited at the light. As I watched, the roof rolled back and the sun poured inside the car, on the black hair and pale skin of the man who claimed to be Bécquer. I held my breath, afraid that he would burst into flames. Across the distance, Bécquer smiled and, in my head, I heard his laughter, a clear laughter of childish joy. Before I could react, the light turned green and, with a slight movement of his hand, he shifted gears and disappeared in a blur of blue.

Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban lives in Bucks County, PA where she works as a freelance writer, editor and translator.

You can visit her at her website or at her blog Dare to Read.

and purchase Immortal Love at


  1. Nice. He’s a handful, you can tell. Good luck with release day!

  2. Congratulations, Carmen! How exciting!
    -R.T. Wolfe

  3. Sounds very interesting, Carmen! I think you’ve got all of us readers curious and anxious to find out more!

  4. Thanks M.J.
    I hope you like what you find!

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