Written in Red: Rogues, Rebels & Rakes

Ooh!!!   Written in Red sounds incredibly apropos to what I write: jaunty pirates, action/adventure, charismatic rogues and the rebels who defy them.  That’s my tagline, you see.  Rogues, Rebels and… those exasperating Rakes that make you swoon.  Add in a snub at convention, a pinch of defiance, a dram of rum (forgive me, I digress), a tad sword fighting, fisticuffs, a dash of vengeance and mayhem galore, and my writing is what it is … written in red — ink, that is.

Yes, it’s a writer’s life for me.

And while I would love to be drinking rum and kicking back my heels, living the carefree life (It’s five o-clock somewhere, right?), these alpha males of mine, scoundrels through and through, have their own obscure code.  They don’t make it easy.  No.  They make me work hard.  They come angst-ridden, with redemption issues, a quest for vengeance or a relentless drive to prove themselves worthy.  And if that means writing me into a corner, they’ll do it, especially if a beautiful heroine is involved.  A good alpha does love his opposite, you see.  Especially if said damsel is in distress.

So what’s a writer to do when a hero sails in with backstory, drama or trauma, and the need to protect his lady love?  Well, as I have learned, few choices are safe enough to pursue in these cases.

These come highly recommended:

  1. Stare at blinking curser until completely hypnotized and you forget where you are like Jack did in Pirates of the Caribbean, At World’s End, while in Davy Jones’ Locker.
  2. Stare down the muse or try to drink her into a swoon, when you know you can’t drink a wench under the table.
  3. Stare out the window and observe Captain Jack doing something he vows you’ll never see again.
  4. Stare at hundreds of emails calling for immediate attention, which leads to a voyage through Facebook, sort of like a dead monkey skittering off with a cursed doubloon, and then on to Twitter and Pinterest (where abundant pictures of Jack have been stashed).
  5. Stare at contract.  (Feet skidding to a stop!  Jack says, “Keep your eyes on that horizon, mate.”)

No matter how you handle 1-4, #5’s cut direct should do the trick.  Make sure #5 is something that will take out the wild pirate-obsessed glint in your eye, like ice cold water on a passed out seaman’s face.

Indeed, love stories are meant to be written in red, that indelible color of blood ties, commitment and passion.   And like the bonds formed between each character envisioned in your mind’s eye, writers are meant to live a writer’s life.

So, mateys.  Forge ahead.  Write the stories that fill your heart to overflowing.  Imagine alpha males pitting wit and brawn against a wicked foe.  And when you get stuck, begin with step 1 and work your way to step 5 over and over again.  Jack will thank you for it!

Katherine Bone

DUKE BY DAY, ROGUE BY NIGHT Coming October 29th




  1. Fabulous post, Katherine. I’ve found myself languishing at Pinterest too frequently as of late. I need to concentrate on #5. Thanks for the reminder, and best of luck to you!

    • Hi Susan! I absolutely love Pinterest, especially for the inspiration it brings to character choices, setting, and historical reference. It’s a great place as long as you don’t get lost there. 😉

      Thanks for posting!

  2. I knew there was a code for writing that involved Johnny Depp in every rule. Thanks for finding it for me! Made my day.

    • Peggy! Thanks for finding inspiration in my list. I love it when I get to brighten someone’s day! Blessings!!!

  3. Very clever! I love pirates and have a “best” list of them on my blog (http://reganromancereview.blogspot.com/2012/01/best-pirate-and-privateer-romanceslove.html). Next time I update that list, I’ll have to read one of yours!!

    • Oh, Regan! Thank you for your compliment! I’ve always wanted to be thought of as clever. Woot!

      I visited the blog addy you posted and LOVED your list of pirate books! I fell in love with pirates when Fern Michaels wrote the Captive Series, with wouldn’t you know it, Regan and Sirena!

      • OMG, I loved that series! I’m a pirate lover too and always in the crows nest looking for the next one! Off to read that list. : )

  4. Love me some pirates, especially Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack! Looking forward to your book release, Katherine!

    • Another pirate lover, rock me bones! (no pun intended!) Thank you for posting today, Amanda. I hope you like my book!

  5. Very fun post, Katherine. I loved it. And a “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s live for me!!” You book sounds grand, it’s going on my wish list!! Thanks for the inside “repost”,.. (can you do that with pirate swords or just rapier’s?)!

    • Hi Pam! Lovely diddy you’re singing. Just goes to show you’re a true pirate lover. Thank you for wanting to add my book to your wish list! And as the ‘repost’, you’re a pirate. You can do anything you want! Blessings!

  6. I think I’ll hang out at #2 for a while. Only margaritas, not rum. lol Great post. I’m struggling with Chapter 5 right now and wanting to go check my email.

    • Hi Pat! (waves) You’re a sculpter, as well as a writer. I bet you can drink that muse under the table. Take charge and whip her into shape. Deny her rum if you have to. I know you’ll get to the end of Chapter 5 in no time!

  7. The dastardly muse! But–the bottom line the contract. That is what keeps me writing.

    Excellent post–I love your pirates!: )

    • Mary!!!! (happy dance) Thanks for posting. You know how much 1-4 tempt me. #5 seems the only course of action these days, doesn’t it? The key is to keep writing, no matter what kind of compass Jack hands you, right?

  8. I cut my romantic teeth on bold pirates and buccaneers. Well, not literally, but I did fall for those flowing white shirts, dark ponytails, and strong shadowed jaws. And the breeches that fit like a second skin? Here I sit, blinking innocently. Never crossed my mind. Can’t wait for your release.

    • Hi Tara! Thanks for posting! Ah, you’re a girl after my own heart. Remember all those fabulous romances sweeping the sea with disreputable rogues in disguise? Love, Love, Love those epic stories. And breeches that fit like a glove? No blinking innocently is necessary. You’re in good company!

      Thank you for wanting to read my book! Your excitement means the world to me!!!

  9. Yo! Wench! Another jug … of caffeine!
    That contract is yet beyond me reach… I musts be staring down the wrong bottle.
    But if it’s a writer’s life for me… then, I’ll be writing til the dawn. Aye!

    Can’t wait to read this Katherine! And you have terrific Pinterest boards that I drool over.

    • Hardeeharhar!!! Pamela, ye be a wench after me own heart! Thank ye for liking me pinterest boards. ‘Tis a bit of fun to be sure.

      As to yer bottle… I ‘spect it’ll be full quicker than ye can wonder why the rum is always gone. Never give up. Never surrender!

      And lastly, thank you kindly for wanting to read my book!!!! I ❤ you!!!

  10. Always listen to your characters. They know best. LOL

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