Stop the Presses!

I’ve always yearned to say that and hear the wheels of a newspaper machine grind to a halt. But today, I ask you to stop the presses so I can announce the release ofmy first contemporary romance with Crimson.

Eight Seconds to Glory is the story of Travis Hargrove’s journey to regain his confidence and rejoin the rodeo as a bull rider, after nearly losing his l ife in the arena. The rodeo management is unsure he can regain his  place in the competition so, Travis must prove himself. Luckily, he meets up with his old mentor, Mickey who is now the foreman at a ranch named the Glory B.

If Travis thought riding b ulls was dangerous, keeping his hands to himself or his lips off Glory’s proves a daunting task. But, Glorys heart has already been broken by another bull rider who used to her to climb up the ladder to the big time. She wants nothing more to do with those men chasing the golden buckle on the next big event. Yet, Travis gets under her skin and into her heart. Will she take another chance on love or will she deny the chemistry that heats up the night when she and Travis are together. Can she love him enough to give up her dream of raising bulls for the rodoe in order to support his dream at a chance for that championship buckle.  Eight seconds can make or break a cowboy. Eight seconds may be all Travis or Glory has to find the love of a lifetime.

I hope you’ll enjoy the romance between Travis Hargrove and Glory Beebe.

Eight Seconds to Glory releases on August 27th.





  1. Woo Hoo Tessa – stop the presses is right. Love me some bull rider! Good luck on your release.

  2. Your book sounds really exciting, and I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • Hi Mary,

      Oh, I hope you like it.I was so tickled with the way the characters chose to end the story. If you ever watched Cat on a hot tin roof.. They sort of switch the male and female parts. I got all ahkelemphed ( yeah butchered that spelling didn’t I ) and teary eyed at the ending.


  3. Tessa, Something about your hero and heroine’s names makes them sound like they’ll be a romantic couple with staying power. I LOVE the name Glory, and I have to admit, I’ve never heard it before. It’s distinctive…and memorable. Best of Luck!

    • Ah, thanks, Susan. I am never really sure what to name my hero or heroine. Their names came to me in a dream.. Boy, I know that sounds lame.. But when I wrote this story all I had to go on was the ending… so it was a surprise to wake up and find out their names. Travis sounds like a good Texas name though, doesn’t it.


  4. Hey Lynn….
    I hate it when the day job calls me out. Yeah, there is nothing that gets the blood pumping like watching a bull rider take his place in the arena. I wanted to battle Glory for Travis myself. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by at this morning. I hate to post and run but sigh I owe, I owe so its off to work I go.


  5. Hey, Tessa! Speaking of names, I love your name. Is it a pen name? I have a character named Tess in one of my books. Love it! Also enjoyed reading your post. Best of luck with your book!

    • Hi M. J.
      Yes, its a pen name to honor my mother who turned me own to romance. She always wanted a Texas cowboy to show up in a Cadillac convertable with 45’s as the door handles.. Yep you know that is showing up in a book one day.

      Thanks for coming by and for your good wishes. I appreciate them.


  6. I enjoyed that book greatly! 🙂 I love your Cowboys! 😉

    • Ah thanks M.V.,

      Yeah there is something about a cowboy. I get a lot of inspiration from Country music. Zac Brown may be the death of me yet.


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