Books and Books and Books!

  I’m a bookaholic, like probably many of my Ladies in Red sisters. I order them for my Kindle, I order physical copies, I order, I order, I order — and even with immediate downloading of e-titles, I wait anxiously for them to arrive. The picture over there is about 1/10th of my available book space…and it’s all comprised of books stacked in different directions so more can fit. A couple of weeks ago I added to my physical book stash – 4 new craft of writing books, a couple of novels and some new non-fiction. Well. They’re here!

RadioMan got the mail yesterday morning and presented them to me as if the box held the Crown Jewels. Me? I of course destroyed the box trying to get them out – I’m not a very patient person – and then I sighed. The new writer’s market, an article markets book, flip dictionary (this book is a post unto itself…i’ll share later) and my very own, third copy of Donald Maas’ Breakout Novel – I’ve read until the other copies I purchased died a slow death, marked up and dog-eared. This copy will also become dog-eared, I’m sure, but every time I read it I find something new. Heaven!

I don’t know about you all, but one of my favorite smells is a brand new book – and I had almost 10 books smelling up that box just waiting for a little lovin’. Thousands of crisp, unturned pages just waiting for me to dogear them. Do you get this way? Does a new book – whether craft, fiction or research – get you going? Am I the only one?

So, here I am late on a Wednesday night staring at the new books on my desk, and wondering just how long it will be before their spines are broken, their pages are smudged with Coke and chocolate, their covers are torn. And they know they are loved…



  1. Books should know they are loved. LOL – I got a box in the mail yesterday too – with 10 copies of the Chicken Soup book that has my essay – OMG that was too cool.

    When we moved into the new house, I had dh buy me a new book case, and I’m already stacking books all over again.

    Enjoy your new friends.

  2. I love new books! Even though I’ve moved entirely to eBooks, I still have to buy some of my favorites also as paperbacks, just so I can look at them and touch them!

  3. I have loved book since I was old enough to read, but I have to say, I-Heart my kindle right now. I no longer have to squint to read since you can adjust the font size.

  4. Lynn, my husband is forever asking if I *really* need all those books! Berinn, I’d say I’m 75% e at this point…but there are some authors or types of books that I like in paper – easier to mark up! Jerri, I don’t think I’ll ever give up my Kindle – so easy to read, take along on trips… LOVE it!!

    • LMAO – That’s exactly what my husband says… Of course I NEED them. And you do too….

  5. My dream house will have a multi-level library. I love looking at the spines of books, filling the shelves. I feel rich whenever I see them. I may not have a wealth of coins, but I have a wealth of imagination and knowledge at my fingertips.

  6. Every house I’ve ever lived in as an adult had bookcases in every room full of books I couldn’t live without. You’re right, Kristina, it’s the smell, the feel, the edges to write on, the corners to turn down. But then, I also love my iPad and the iTunes store, the Kindle app on it, library books, friends’ books, my writer buddies’ manuscripts. Is there such thing as a book in any shape or form that isn’t wonderful?

  7. Lola, have you seen the cartoon-pic of Belle’s library (Beauty & The Beast)? That is soooooooooooooooo my ultimate library.

    Peggy, the smell and feel of a book just can’t be replaced by a cold tablet/reader. I love my reader but it isn’t the same – yes, I’m a book snob, I guess. I *did* buy a leather case for it, though, that has the feel of those old, leather bound books…and, no, there is no book – paper, hardback, e, – that isn’t wonderful!

  8. New books, old books, passed down books, found books in old houses, library books… love them all! Have since I could crawl. It’s in our genes, I just know it!! Thanks for reminding us we are all book worms!!

  9. Yes, Kristina! Yes! Yes! And no, you’re not the only one. The best moment in my young life was opening a box on hand-me-down Nancy Drew mysteries. There were so many. I still remember the feeling of wonder, happy disbelief, anticipation and then savoring.

    Those feeling are still here!

  10. I love books. And I’m trying to pare down some of the books I’ve accumulated, er, collected over the years, but I feel like I’m deserting them! I do love my Nook, though, and I read almost everything on it now. I like being able to carry boxes of books everywhere with me on my e-reader. LOL

  11. Hi Kristina,
    As much as I love to get a new book, the thing that REALLY gets me going is this time of year when you can find cheap blank notebooks on sale at office and department stores – I get a blank notebook and I just HAVE to fill it full of story!

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