My Release Day!

It’s here. My release day. No, I’m not getting out of prison. It’s my book release day! STUBBORN HEARTS is up for sale as an eBook even as I write this.

I’ve got a lovely glass of iced tea with a little umbrella in it to help me celebrate. I’m going to just lie back and let the royalties pour in. Okay, that’s being overly optomistic. Somehow I don’t see a beach house in my future, but I can always dream.

But dreams of money and fame aren’t why I write. I do it because I must. Once writing got into my system, I found I was addicted for life. Yes, it is an addiction of sorts. Why else would I write something, throw it in a closet in disgust, then haul it out again and try to make it better? Why not drop writing and renew my other interests, those which don’t involve subject-verb agreement or whether I should use an ellipses or a dash?

Maybe I write because I like subject-verb agreement and all the other weird stuff that comes with being a scribe. And I love creating characters and places for them to live. It’s so much fun throwing trouble in their way and watching them decide how to get out of the mess I write for them. And I love romance.

Who doesn’t remember that first look; the way your heart thrummed a wee bit faster when he first spoke to you; the way your toes curled during that first kiss. Ah yes, budding romance is a wonderful thing.

But I’ve been married to the same wonderful man for thirty-nine years. After all that time, I really can’t categorize our romance as budding. So I write. I create fictional firsts for my characters while I live quite happily in the real world of mature love which has its own special charm. And I believe that many women read romances for the same reason, to reconnect with those beautiful feelings of firsts.

Oh, my! I can’t believe where the time goes! Please excuse me. I must check again to see if anyone has “liked” my book or commented or even, dare I say it, bought my book. I know, I’m pathetic, but today is my book release day, and I’m soooo excited!



  1. Congratulations on releasing your book, ‘Stubborn Hearts’ today! Enjoy your day!

  2. Great post, and I can SO relate. I wish you the very best on your release day…and many sales (I prefer the ellipse to the dash).

    Take care,

  3. I’ll share your post on my Facebook.

    • Thank you, Susan! I appreciate all the networking I can get!

  4. Congratulations on the your release!!!

  5. Congratulations on your new release and so-successful marriage!

  6. Oh, my gosh! Kindred spirits! I feel exactly the same way, about everything! My husband and I have been married for twenty-four wonderful years and you’re right, while our relationship is not full of those magical firsts anymore, you never forget, and, if your lucky, that magic never goes away. Still, you try to recreate those first highs for your characters and enjoy it all again through them. And I will be just like you on my release date, full of joy, and nerves, and pride. Thanks for sharing that with us in such a clear way! I’m gonna have to read you now because I connected with you here. ( ; The best of luck!-mj

    • It is interesting how we connect with some people more than others. You totally got the meaning of my blog! If you do buy Stubborn Hearts I hope you really enjoy it!

      • Oh, and thank you for leaving the comment, too.

  7. Congratulations! I so related to your comment that we write because we must. Who else would actively seek rejection, but writers?

    May you have a gazillion sales and write your next book from that beach house!

    • Maybe I have a “stubborn heart” too because I kept at it until I was happy with the story and my writing. I wish you a gazillion sales too! ! !

  8. Yay! And congratulations. Love this slice-of-your-thoughts look at why you, why we all write. So write on! Thanks for sharing and may sales fly sky high!

    • Thanks, Pam. Yeah, I think a lot of us have an addiction to writing. Come to think of it, maybe my husband should join a support group for ingored husbands! Hmm, I think I might blog about that.

  9. Slainte!

    My tea to yours!! I am so happy for you!! What a lovely way to spend the day…in the mists of dreams coming true.

    All the Best,

    • Thank you, Rionna. It was a very nice day even if I had to work at the day job!

  10. Wonderful post. It’s true. We are word-sick, phrase addicted, romance junkies on this blog. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Congratulations on your first release day–the first of many.

    • Thanks, Peggy. I am busy writing another historical romance. At about 20,000 words so far. Considering it took me years from start to finish on Stubborn Hearts, I feel like I’m flying along!

  11. Happy release day! But – writeonlady – you need to promote yourself.. Give us your name – tag with your name.

    Enjoy your day! And many more release days to come. 🙂

    • Yes Lynn, I do need to do that. I’m not sure if I can change writeonlady to anything else. Honestly, when they ask you to fill out profiles I’m not sure if I’m to use a cutsie name or my writing name. I’ll see what I can do. By tag with your name, do you mean I should just sign my comments or replies when I’m using wordpress?

      • It’s Carol, right? I think you don’t use Carol anywhere in the post. How do I find the right Stubborn Hearts and buy your brilliant book. I forget to sign my posts too… that’s why I can see it in others. LOL

        If writeonlady is what you’re stuck with – I’d set up a new wordpress account with your pen name. Whatever you’re writing in – we need to know the author of such great posts also writes books we might be interested in.

        Lecture done. LOL

    • That wasn’t a lecture, that was some heartfelt advice! Thank you. I’m going to see what I can do to get my name changed or a new wordpress account. I appreciate your help!

      • I THINK I have successfully changed mine after reading this post, thank you, Lynn Cahoon. If you go to your profile settings, you can change your display name without changing the URL. Let’s see if it works here when I post. Yes, yeh! I’m always pleasantly surprised when I figure something technological out!

  12. Congratulations, my fellow Crimsonista!

    • Thanks so much. It’s very exciting and also frustrating not being able to tell the book is doing.

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