Meet the Ladies in Red – Kristine Overbrook

Hello Ladies, my name is Kristine Overbrook.  It’s a pen name.  The reason I’m using a Pen name is because I work as a database analyst in a law firm for my day job and one never knows what will be found offensive these days.  So, I’m protecting my identity a-la Clark Kent.

I’m married, have two dogs, and am a mother of two.  Two teenagers.   Anyone that has raised children knows, and I can firmly say, there is no easy age.  They start sleeping through the night, and you get no naps.  They start to talk, they talk back.  They learn to drive, they Actually Drive.

If you didn’t live where you do, where would you live? Why?

I currently live in a home in a place called the Endless Mountains.  It’s beautiful, peaceful, we have all four seasons.  Deer graze outside my window.  A lake sparkles across the road.  It’s a little hot lately, but most places in the US are hot these days.  If I had a choice, I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Do you write about where you live or where you’d like to live?

Creatures of the Moon is set in a fictional small city.  It wouldn’t really work if I had set it in a small town.  The next Kristine Overbrook novel I’m working on is set in Las Vegas.

What’s the first creative writing you remember doing outside a class?

When I was eight I wrote a story about little people that worked in your body, running it like a factory.  My father read it and commented that what I was writing wasn’t real, and I should write a story about what really happens inside a body.  Much later the Magic School Bus did just that.  At the time, I was crushed.  It took almost a decade to write something else.

Why do you write romance novels?

Like many romance writers, I write romance because of the happily-ever-after.   In real life the HEA takes constant work, so I like to think that my couples have the chops to work through the hard times and embrace each other in the end.  I prefer the happy ending, good guys win, love triumphs, and the reader can go on with their day with a piece of good that can carry over to the other parts of their lives.  Romance writers make the world a better place, one book at a time.

What else do you write?

As Kristine Overbrook is my “alter-ego” and she writes sensual paranormal romance with elements of suspense, my “real self”  writes humorous paranormals.  Those are lighter and sweeter, but still paranormal.  Hum, perhaps that means I’m not exactly normal…something to think about.

What one thing from your book did you take from personal experience?

This book was born while I was losing my temper.

The best part about my writing life is:

I love writing because I love creating objects from my imagination.  I’m not the best sculptor or painter, but writing is like sculpting or painting with words.   Creating people, places and adventures is a fantastic experience.

Give us a hint about what the next book’s like.

My next book follows Eric Adams from Creatures of the Moon as he consults with the police in Las Vegas on a series of disappearances.

Kristine Overbrook’s upcoming release Creatures of the Moon is now available for preorder at any of these eBook retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and anywhere eBooks are sold.

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  1. Kristine – Having a pen is like creating a whole new identity. I’m pretty sure I would have forgotten my name sooner rather than later. Creatures of the Moon sounds like a great story. Looking forward to reading.

  2. Great interview! Loved getting to know you better, a fellow paranormal author! And comedy and paranormal are a good fit, I swear! No one gets that. Way to keep it real!!

    • Thanks Pam. Yeah, paranormal stories are very flexible, even the darker stories lend themselves to a touch of humor.

  3. Nice meeting you, Kristine! Like you, I’m an artist so writing is great way to access that creative side. (I’m trying to imagine you with Clark Kent glasses. Heehee!)

    What drew you to the paranormal genre?

    • 🙂 Writing a paranormal is close to writing a fantasy, which is what I read growing up. I love tweaking the rules of nature for my characters.

  4. It’s always fun to write different genres. Congratulations! It sounds very intriguing! Can’t wait 🙂

  5. The Endless Mountains sound beautiful, just the name alone! Almost sounds fictional. I liked how you describe writing romances so people have a piece of good to carry around with them all day. That’s a nice thought. I, too, have teenagers, four of them, three with learner’s permits. So, I can sympathize! Maybe it’s the piece of good I’m carrying around that gets me through those driving lessons!

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