A Look Into My World

I am married to the most amazing man!  We have four children, a beautiful son and three gorgeous daughters.  Missoula, Montana is home.  At the base of the mountains we see deer and fox out our windows.  We love to watch the storms roll in over the hills.

We own our own business and some days relish the wild times of corralling a 19 year old, a ten year old, a six year old and a 19 month old into the daily routines.  And sometimes we’d like to run and hide.

My secret passion…I love to dance.  I love to drift around my kitchen in the arms of my husband to the tune of a George Strait song.   While my son dips his head in mock aloofness, my daughters look to see how it’s done and my tiny one claps—yay Mommy!

The one thing about myself that I would never change is my determination.  I never give up, nor do I take no for an answer.

My family and I love to travel.  The oceans are a favorite stop.  If I had to move, there’s this small town on the edge of the Oregon coast.  Depoe Bay.  I’ve spent many, many hours there reading and writing and watching the ocean.  There is something very magical about settling into a place that isn’t yours, but feels as if it could be.

In a way I suppose that I do write where I live.  Or I write where I have lived.  I was born in North Carolina and have lived many places across the United States, even ended up in Eugene, Oregon for a time.  But, mostly I create the world my characters need in order to struggle and to thrive.

Why I write romance novels…I think life is a romance novel.  I think we all want that spark—that heat.  I think we want that relationship where we can look across the table, the yard, the pool, the street and know that the person we see is the other half of our soul.  I think that’s what we search for.  I know that’s why I write what I do.

Besides writing romance novels, I’m a poet.  I love to play with words.  I love how they mold and form and take the shape I urge them to.

The one thing from my book that I take from personal experience…I was a professional barrel racer for years.  I went to college in Colorado.  So it was natural for me to pull from my life to form Kate’s.

The best part of writing is that when I am seated with only my imagination and my pen and paper, anything is possible.  I can do and be and create anything.  I get to be anyone!  Believe anything and change the world many times over.

The worst part of writing:  …I really hate it when I have to go to bed!

The Wanting Heart is released, today!  In it a barrel racer gets swept off her feet by a serial killer.

My next book, Judge Thyself First, is about a profiler teaming up with an investigative reporter to uncover the truth about a 20 year old murder at an Alabama prison.

I have loved introducing myself a little.  Thank you for spending some time in my world with me.

Dear, Ladies in Red, you are wonderful and beautiful.  I am so proud to count myself as one of you.

All the Best,

Rionna Morgan

I’d be pleased if you would share what you see out your window.



  1. Inspiring post, Rionna. What kind of business do you run? Outside my window I see my neighbor’s vegetable garden, which is the size of a football field!

    • Cherie,

      The size of a football field–wow!! My kiddos love to plant things. But, sadly I don’t have a green thumb. Thank you so much for visiting with me. I so enjoy chatting with you!

      Have a great day!

  2. It’s great to get to know our fellow Crimson authors. What a great post, Rionna! Barrel racing? Wow!

    I hope your wonderful readers find you here. The Wanting Heart is a must read!

    • Sharon,
      Thank you very much for the compliments! Yes, Barrel racing–the one with a horse not the barrel and the river. 🙂

      I hope romance graces your day!

  3. I’ve always wanted to see Montana…now you make me want to visit it. 🙂 You have embraced life and live it–it shows and I admire that.

    • Mv.
      Thank you! When you come to Montana, let me know. I’d love to be a tour guide. It is a wonderful place.

      And yes, I do love my life. I’ve had those rough patches everyone needs in order to truly appreciate the good stuff when it arrives.

      I hope you have a beautiful day!

    • M.v., come to Montana, you have places to stay for free. And though I was born and raising in the middle part of the state (not far from West Yellowstone) the western part where Rionna and I live is the most beautiful, in my opinion. Glacier park is 2 1/2 hours away! So come visit, you’ll find so many story ideas here, I swear!

  4. Great getting to know you better, Rionna! I wonder, do you incorporate your poetry into your writing?

    • Berinn,

      Thank you. 🙂 I do include poetry and poetic elements in my writing as much as possible. I’ve written a young adult where I wrote lots of poetry–spells and such. Very fun!

      I always enjoy chatting with you.

  5. It was great to get a little insight into your life, Rionna! Congrats on the release of your book.

    • Erin,

      Lovely Erin! Thank you for the congratulations! It is an amazing moment in life!! I’m pleased to share it with you.

      All the Best,

  6. Rionna, some day I’ll tell you my Montana story. We’ll leave it right now at lots of alcohol and a very fun bar. I’m so happy to be part of CR with you.

    • Lynn,

      Oh my! I can’t wait. Should I give you my phone number now!!?? I love a good story. 🙂

      I am so happy to be part of this with you too! Such a wonderful group of women.

      All the Best,

    • Lynn, if you have a Montana story, you must share it with a Montana native, it’s the law of the west! Am dying to hear it, too!

  7. What an awesome peek at your… and yes, your life really is a romance novel… life. You share so well, Rionna. Thanks as always!

    • Pam,

      Thank you, as always! I think you are just the loveliest of people.

      Have a great day! I can’t wait for Smitten Image!!


  8. Reblogged this on rainingpaint and commented:
    From my author friend Rionna Morgan =)

    • You are just lovely!! Thank you for being so. I am blessed to know you!

      😉 Rionna

  9. I love horses and have been trail riding many times, but never had the opportunity to barrel race. What do you love most about it?

    • Kay,

      I am so sorry it’s taken so long to get back with you. Preparation for and attending RWA Nationals took a lot of time!! My most favorite thing about barrel racing…hmmm…I really loved the speed of it. Racing from one barrel to another, trying like mad to beat my previous time in that arena. I loved meeting all the new people and making friends from all over the world really. (It’s a lot like writing/publishing in that respect). But what I loved most of all, was my horse. She was an amazing partner. She loved to run and was so very loyal. The best of friends.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. I love chatting with everyone.

      May romance and mystery grace your day!

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