Meet the Ladies in Red

Before a book goes into print, authors put their hearts and souls on paper, their muses pushing their heroes and heroines to life, taking them through black moments, twists and turns, ending happily-ever-after.  Querying, submitting manuscripts and the long wait for word on being accepted or rejected is experienced by all authors.  The birth of Crimson Romance brought new hope to many authors, especially Terry Newman and Ines Saint.  Crimson Romance’s editor, Jennifer Lawler, received their queries, and from there, the road to publication began…these authors’ hearts are coming to life July 9th…

Joining Kay Rogal (KR) are Crimson Romance authors Ines Saint (IS) and Terry Newman (TN), along with Crimson Romance’s editor and published author of non-fiction and fiction, Jennifer Lawler (JL) for a little fun, getting to know them and a wee bit of the behind the scenes…

(KR) Not only are you the editor of Crimson romance, Jennifer, you have published fiction and non-fiction.  If you could name one reason for writing fiction, what would it be? 

(JL)  I love playing God.  That probably gives you some scary insight into my personality.

(KR) If you could name one reason for writing romance, Terry and Ines, what would it be? 

(IS)  Hi, Kay!  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better.  I’m addicted to reading the news, so I’m very aware of what goes on in the world.  I write romance, because I know there are a lot of people out there, who, like me, need to escape into something where a happy ending is guaranteed.

(TN)  I’m compelled to write (some may say it’s a calling, I say it’s an obsession!).  And romance is satisfying, because it’s a happily ever after ending!

(KR)  Somewhere in our writing, we put a little part of ourselves in it.  Jennifer, not only are you an editor, but a published author — Where would we find you in Tess and Michael’s story of falling in love in ‘Love by Design’?  Ines, where would we find you in ‘Strangers in the Night’?  Terry, where would we find you in JJ Sprightly and Kennedy King Cooper’s story of falling in love in ‘Out of Character’?

(JL)  My daughter is intellectually disabled, and I wanted to write about that not as the focus of the story, but as part of ‘Tess’s life, just like it’s part of mine.  And I have a thing for men who work with their hands, thus Michael’s a carpenter.

(IS)  Great question!  You’re right, there’s always a little piece of me somewhere.  In ‘Strangers in the Night’, I poured my feelings for my younger sister into my main character’s older sister, Tania.  I used to hope and fear for my younger sister too much, because I love her so much, but I had to learn to let go.

(TN)  Aside that they’re history professors and I’ve done a lot of graduate work in history, they’re both stubborn individuals.  I’ve been told I’m a tad stubborn myself.  Personally, I don’t see it!

(KR)  Terry & Ines, as readers, outside of Crimson Romance authors, who is your favorite author and why?

(TN)  Right now, it’s Janet Evanovich.  I love the Stephanie Plum series, especially the earliest books.  She writes with such humor.  That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish.

(IS)  This is a tough one, because I go through so many phases.  My one constant favorite author, I’d have to say, is Charlotte Bronte, because I adore everything about Jane Eyre.  I read it once a year.

(KR)  Jennifer, what do you love most about being editor of Crimson Romance?

(JL)  I love that we made something out of nothing — in January we had an idea.  Now we have launched an entire imprint!  I love being part of something big like that.  On a more day-to-day level, I love the stories and getting to work with authors to shape them — to help them bring out their best.  Also, the shirtless men are a bonus.

(KR)  Jennifer, Terry & Ines, what do you do for fun?

(JL)  I hang out with Greek sailors.

(IS)  I go through phases with this, too, but my two constants are hiking and traveling.  Each fills a different need within me.  Thanks for the chat, Kay!

(TN)  I love to travel, but haven’t had the chance of late.  I enjoy spending time with friends and family, trading snarky remarks.  I, also, love to play Banagrams — I could play that for weeks on end.  And I, also, work Sudoku puzzles whenever I get the chance.  Too bad I’m not getting any better at it!

Please don’t let the questions stop here, readers :)…I encourage you to ask away!

Thank you, Jennifer, Ines & Terry!  I loved getting to know you better and for making me smile.  It was a lot of fun!  


‘Strangers in the Night’ by Ines Saint – to be released on July 9th

‘Out of Character’ by Terry Newman – to be released on July 9th





  1. JL lies – she hangs out with cowboys! LOL

    Great interview – thanks for the insight. And I agree – for Crimson Romance being an ‘idea’ in January, you’ve built something pretty amazing.


  2. Great interview, ladies! Nice to read how you’ve all drawn from your lives.

    For such a new venture, Crimson seems to run like a well-oiled machine!

  3. Thank you, Kay, you’re always fun to cyber-hang with ;-). We’ll have to actually go out for those margaritas soon! Also, I had no idea Crimson was just an idea back in January… very impressive!

    • With salt on the rim 🙂 and girl time!

  4. I agree! Crimson is awesome. So is Kay!! Thank you so much for such a great post!

    Happy Summer!

  5. Where we all be if Jennifer hadn’t ‘played God’?! Great interview, nice personality briefs… so fun. Thanks!

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