Meet Lady in Red – Tessa Berkley

Good Morning, 

Hi, I’m a new Lady in Red and my name is Tessa Berkley. 

I suppose a good place to start would be to give just a bit about myself. I live in Tidewater, Virginia in a small town about 30 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. I’m far enough inland to enjoy snow in the winter and watch the bands of rain from hurricanes in the summer. My home is situated on five acres, which allows me to raise 3 children, 2 cats, and my beloved cows. I write contemporary and historical western romance.

I’m one of those people who believe in true love. I’ve been lucky to have been married for going on 36 years and yes while there is snow on the roof, the fire still burns. If you asked me what physical trait would stand out the most, it would be striking blue eyes passed down to each generation from my mother’s side of the family.  

My mother was a  unique guiding force in my life. Like her mother before her, she passed on the passion for reading. My mother never learned to drive until she was 50 years old. “Ladies, didn’t do that sort of thing.” But once she did, we’d hope in the 1956 Plymouth Deluxe and indulge our secret passion – the library.  The one thing, I am eternally grateful for is my mother fostering the love of a good story to me. Oh, I am a late life baby. An only child. My parents were 41 and 45, respectfully when I was born in the late 50’s. Poor thing, she didn’t know she was expecting until 6 weeks before my birth, but that’s another story in itself.

I love where I live, but if I could choose an area of a city other than my birthplace, I’d find myself hard pressed to decide between Texas and the mountains of Washington state. The wide open and varied horizons of Texas have long been a place of mystery calling out for me to visit. I’d love to see a herd of Longhorns or see a wild horse run across a field of sage. Likewise, the Majesty of the Olympic Mountains sing with their siren song and draw me to the waters of the Puget Sound. One day, I plan to visit both of those areas.

In the coming months, I will be releasing my first book with Crimson. I hope that readers will join me on the journey and meet Glory Beebe and her hero, Travis Hargrove as they journey toward their happily ever after. When I see you again, I’ll be telling a bit more about my novel and how I came to put their story to paper. For now, if readers would like to keep up with me, please check my website, for the latest updates, hang out with me on Facebook or twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you, Crimson Romance and the other fine Ladies in Red for sharing your column with me. I hope it will be a long and glorious partnership. 




  1. Hi, Tessa! Living so close to the ocean must be so nice. Look forward to reading the next article!

    • Hi, Kay, Yes, I’m very fortunate living near the ocean its truly the best of both worlds. Thanks for leaving a comment. I can’t wait to be with you all again.

      Yours, Tessa

  2. Nice to meet you, Tessa! I guess all us reader/writers love the library. All those stories to get lost in, there’s nothing better!
    I’ve never been to Texas or Washington state either, but after reading your descriptions, I must go. I never thought of Texas that way. Now I’m intrigued!

    Best of luck with your novel. Looking forward to reading more about it!

    • Thanks, Sharon.
      I can only imagine the grand vistas that an uninhibited horizon can offer. I know alot is my imagination but one day, I plan to stand at the Alamo and place my hand on its hallowed walls and to stand at the foot of mountains in Washington, maybe even visit MacKenzie Pass. I hear they make a wonderful wine on the mountainsides in that region.

      Yours, Tessa

  3. Congratulations, Tessa! I LOVE TX! 🙂 And Seattle’s not too bad, either, and neither is Tidewater, VA. 🙂 Best wishes to you and all of your books!

    • Hey! Markee,
      Thank you so much for taking your time to come. I know how busy you are. Thanks again for your warm wishes. You’re the best.


  4. Thanks for this, Tessa. You brought back wonderful memories of going to the local library with my mother when I was a child!

    • Hi, Irene,
      I think in our family going to the library was like a right of passage. My grandmother was a bookworm. When she was expecting her 5 child, she read Lawrence of Arabia 3 times. Yes, needless to say, my uncle’s name was Lawrence. I can’t say I named any of my children after characters. I chose family names from an old bible we have dating back to 1820.

      Yours, Tessa.

  5. Nice to get to know something about you, Tessa. And what good taste you show in where you want to visit! I’ve lived in Oregon or Washington for decades and wouldn’t want to be anyplace else–it is so, so beautiful here. Come see for yourself!

    • Hi, Peggy,
      Oh, I plan on getting out there one day soon. There is just so much of this beautiful country I wish to see, so much to explore.

      Yours, Tessa

  6. Another interesting story, Tessa. Thank you for sharing more about yourself.

    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Tessa, I’m a huge Seattle fan. Was planning on moving there after my son graduated hs, but he moved and I stayed. Love to visit though.

    • Hi Lynn,
      Yeah, mine went to Portland sigh, he didn’t take me either. Too Funny. Thanks for stopping by.

      Yours, Tessa

  8. Hi Tessa! Enjoyed learning about you – I’m a late in life baby, too and the youngest of nine! The setting for my June CR release Love’s Destiny is colonial Virginia because I had just visited there when I started writing the book and fell in love with the area.

    • Hey there.
      Yep, I love walking through colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. Its so much fun. Glad to meet another generational jumper. :o)

      Yours, Tessa

  9. Welcome, Tessa, to the Ladies in Red. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your book.

    • Hello Write on Lady,

      Thanks so much for the welcome. I’m rather partial to the story. Big Grin. Travis Hargrove is one of those Randolph Scott Types, tall, silent, brooding, and oh, so handsome.

      Yours, Tessa

  10. What’s the title of your upcoming book?

    • Hi, Mary,

      The title is Eight Seconds to Glory. Its a contemporary western set around a rodeo.

      Yours, Tessa

  11. Great to meet you, Tessa. As another creative adventurer you’ll fit right in with this group… welcome.

    • HI, Pam,

      Thank you. I do love adventure and the pursuit of romance.

      Yours, Tessa

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