It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here!

We are less than 15 days into June and it’s getting hotter! Nope, not talking about some of the sexxxy romances being published by Crimson Romance – although, yes, hawt! Yummily hawt! – I’m mean literally H. O. T. We live on the North Coast – Ohio/Lake Erie – which means the 90-degree dog-days of summer are usually in late July or August. But this weekend – when we were in full, outdoor birthday party mode for our 4 year old – the 90s hit. And they hit hard.

Even in the shade it was a little bit sizzly, which means we kept the water coming for the kiddos…and slightly more adult beverages iced up and ready for the sweltering adults. A few of us took pity on the kids gave ourselves a break and hit the pool, where mid-90 temperatures felt down-right cool and comfortable.

This is one of my favorite summer songs – although Katrina is a little peppier than I was in the midst of it all:

Thank God for those coolers filled with ice or we might not have made it through. It was a great day, I won’t say differently, but a few times I – well, the bad mommy part of me, – just wanted to kick everyone out, grab my favorite book and a floatie and hit the pool. Instead I hit the pool with a gaggle of 4-year-olds and splashed the heat away. It almost worked, but it was still hot. Before I get too whiny, I’ll let you in on a secret: I am a sun and heat lover. To the core. I’ve found I like it better on my terms – like with that book and a floatie at hand. There is just something about the pool that automatically relaxes me. This is one of my favorite songs for those afternoons in the sun:

Music plays a big part in my writing – I have playlists for my characters, songs that I think fit the books. One of my favorites for What a Texas Girl Wants ‘Summertime’ by Kenny Chesney. You can read more about my playlist for the book – and check out the first chapter as a free read – here.

What is your favorite way to spend a flaming hot day?



  1. My husband had these fishing chairs that my friend and I used to talk out to the river and float -and talk – and drink. It was heaven.

  2. Ahhh, float trips. Love them, Lynn! Floating is my favorite way to spend the summer.

  3. Pfft – 90s – lol – you yankee! After last summer’s heat wave (113 on *porch*. . . .*repeatedly*) I swore I would never complain about anything under 101 again. So far this year, we are enjoying a ‘mild’ summer with highs only in the 90’s.

    Sounds like you had a great time with the kiddos!

    • Had a blast, Irene! And I’ve seen some of those 100+ days from my years as a pseudo-Southerner (grew up in South Missouri, different from the rest of the state, lemme tell ya!).

  4. I’m afraid of water…don’t like to swim or any other contact with it. But it sounds nice…

  5. I’m afraid of water, too, but I like floating–and I love summer music!

  6. Loved your post, Kristina. I get you!

  7. By the pool or in the air conditioning. I’m not a big fan of the heat. Then again, I’m not a big fan of the cold either. LOL

    • LOL, Sharon. It’s the extreme heat/extreme cold that get me. Every time. But then we wouldn’t appreciate those 70-degree days if they happened all the time. 😉

  8. Although I complain about having to wear a fleece jacket some summer evenings, when I read about the heat and humidity in other places I realize I should just shut up. And summer music? Big fan of the Starbucks compilation CDs of classic summer rock. Have them in the car all season. Embarrass myself singing out loud.

  9. I don’t think I could handle over 90. Over 100, and I’d die. For me, In Alberta, Canada, 75 is a perfect day! Hey, it’s that right now. Yippee.

  10. I deal much better with cold weather, so summer heat and humidity finds me inside, in the air conditioning. I’m a wimp and I’m sticking to it! LOL Favorite summer songs? Actually the soundtrack to Grease from Oh, Those Summer Nights to We Go Together just seems to call up the quintessential summer of romance. 🙂 Loved your post!

  11. By the water- pool, pond, ocean, sprinkler whatever it may be.
    BTW: Isn’t Will Smith the coolest AND hottest guy in the planet? I love him, actually I love his whole family!

  12. I’m afraid of the water so I end up sitting on the beach in the shade watching everyone else swim and have fun. But, I do love to be near the water. Love the smell and sound of it. Great post!

  13. Heat? What’s that? Hot weather? Don’t know much about that. It’s flippin’ freezin’ over here in London ;-( Lucky you with a bit of sun!!

  14. I have to admit, Margaritaville is an all time favorite! What a fun post! Thanks for sharing all the great music. I always write with my music playing!

    • Margaritaville! Even in the dead of summer that song warms me up. I have music on 24/7 – different types of music for the different parts of writing…but it’s always on.

  15. Rionna has good taste in music! (anything to do with summer and margaritas!) And I so love the songs you posted too, Kristi. I can’t listen to music and write at the same time – however, I can rock out while we waterski and wakeboard at the lake. We have a Boston CD we all love. Fun post!

    • we put the Block Rocker (a huuuugggggeee iPod speaker system) in the backyard Saturday. And we *did* rock it – even with the 4 year olds around.

  16. Well, thankfully we have only two seasons down here in the Caribbean. The dry season (sunny mostly) and the wet season (rainy). Generally, it’s hot everyday of the year!!! It’s interesting you have different music for different seasons, lol. But I do LOVE me some Will Smith!!!

  17. Summertime by Will Smith is my all time favorite summer song. Still love to listen to it with the top down, people watching in downtown Atlanta.

  18. I love the ocean… not really into lakes/pools much. But I love the summer and either reading a good book on the deck or working in my garden.

  19. Love your post. I love summer and on a scorching hot day, I like visiting the ocean and relaxing with a good book.

    • The ocean – any, although I’m partial to the Caribbean – is my favorite water space, Janna! Thanks for stopping by.

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