Written In Red – The Bull Rider’s Brother

Yesterday my book released.  My debut book.  A book I wrote, start to finish.  My book.

The Bull Rider’s Brother by Lynn Cahoon.

Okay, maybe I’m going over board, but this is a freaking big deal.  Do you know the number one thing people say they’re going to do?  Write a book. 80 percent of people surveyed have an idea they think will make a great book.

Do you know how many people follow through and do it? 1 percent.

And for a while, I was in that 80 percent.

Writing a book is hard.  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.  Now, it’s not coal miner hard.  Or brain surgeon hard.  Or even bull rider hard.

(Sorry – had to…)

But sitting down, day after day, telling a story.  It’s a lesson in creativity and perseverance.

I’ve been asked a lot about my process.  How do you write?  Where do you get your ideas?  Is there a part of you in the story?  I think sometimes they are disappointed in my answers.  I sit down every morning and crank out 1000 words.  Good or bad, 1000 words is my goal.

Some days I don’t sit at the computer and I’m grumpy when that happens.  (Stephen King says he writes every day except his birthday and Christmas.  Then he admitted to writing even those days.) I believe in the baby step process of getting anything done.  You just sit down and do it.

Some things I write are dribble.  Some, I’d like to hope are gold.

But I write anyway.  Because the act of writing makes me happy.  And the fact someone else believed in my story enough to publish it – that makes me ecstatic.  A big thank you to my editor Jennifer Lawler for loving The Bull Rider’s Brother as much as I love James and Lizzie’s story.

I’ll repeat one basic fact.

Writing is hard.

And I love it.  Even when the characters seem to fight me, I know, at the end, I’ll fall in love all over with the story when I start my edits.  That I’ll cry with my characters, when their dreams come true. Because I know how that feels.  Yesterday, my dreams came true.  Thank you for sharing my joy with me.



  1. Congratulations Lynn on your release. May there be many, many more to come.
    Tam x

    • Thanks Tamara. Yesterday was fun, and exciting, and a dream come true.

  2. Lynn, What a wonderful day…week…month. Life!! I am so happy to be part of this with you!

    All the Best,…dreams come true!

    • Such a blessing to have amazing CR sisters. Best to you as well.

  3. You captured the whole process perfectly! It’s been a kick, hasn’t it? Now all we have to do is wash-rinse-repeat until the next one’s done.

    • Rinse and repeat. How many times have I said that… LOL Glad to be on this journey with you Peggy!

  4. Congrats, Lynn! Writing *is* hard…and tiring…and rewarding and motivating and exciting. And hard again. Time to finish a new story now, though, isn’t it? 🙂

    • I’m in the beginning of a paranormal wip. Which I love. Beginnings are fun. Writing the end is fun. Middles are usually not fun.

  5. Lynn~
    Yesterday was the culmination of a whole bunch of hard work, the least of which was writing the book. Time to get back on the horse, though, and ride. It’s kind of like having a finished horse you’re showing, and starting a colt.

  6. Congratulations, Lynn, on this great post and on the launch of your novel. Happy trails and sales! Carol Ritten Smith

  7. Writing IS hard. (And we love it-hate it – love-it – hate it – lol). Congratulations on being part of the 1%!

  8. You voiced perfectly what I’m sure every one of us has felt throughout our writing journeys. Congratulations on your release.

    • I love writing. And I’m happy I’ve found others who feel the same way. Thanks.

  9. I couldn’t have said it better, Lynn!

  10. I identified with everything you wrote. Great post.

    • Writing is a lonely pass time, except when we share our thoughts with others. Glad to be part of the journey with you!

  11. Congrats, Lynn! You very eloquently expressed exactly how I felt on my first release day. And thank you for sharing the info about Crimson Rose on the WW loop so I got to be part of this wonderful community of authors!

    • Thanks Betsy. I’m glad you followed me over. The group is pretty awesome.

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