Meet the Author: Karen Sue Burns

Greetings y’all, I’m Karen Sue Burns, hailing from the big city of Houston, Texas which just so happens to be the initial setting of my debut romantic suspense novel, IN HOT PURSUIT. The location then moves to Las Vegas followed by Rome, Italy which tells you one thing — I love to travel! Visit my website at to view photos of some of my favorite places.

I will admit that Rome is my favorite city. It even beats out Rio de Janeiro and the inspirational Sugarloaf. Country wise, Ireland is probably at the top of the list due to the Irish people. Of any country I’ve visited, they seem the most similar to Americans. The main difference is their accent, which is very sexy on the male side of the population.

Anyway, I love to write and romance particularly because of the happy endings full of hope and new beginnings. The writing affliction started as a child, went into remission while I raised a family, then came back in full force when my youngest child left for college. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about writing craft but I was motivated to fulfill a hankering I’d buried for twenty-five years. I set about learning as much as I could.

I chose to be easy on myself with my first story and decided on a plot line I know something about  — working for a university, accounting, and travel. I imagined the absolutely worst thing that could happen to my employer and the basic plot for IN HOT PURSUIT was born.

My heroines are regular people, no special skills at fighting crime or taking down bad guys. Yet, they manage to do just that using their smarts and being logical, creative, and focused. In one word, they have moxie. I love writing about the Everywoman character doing extraordinary things. Yep, they can kick butt when necessary. Quinn Wells, the star of IN HOT PURSUIT, exemplifies this type of character.

A bit about IN HOT PURSUIT:

When $25 million is stolen from her employer, a relationship-phobic accountant hunts for the thief alongside a handsome bachelor who falls for her.

Quinn Wells considers her life as it should be—calm, relaxed, and free of relationship entanglements. The theft of a twenty-five millions dollar gift to her employer, Houston Cullen University, throws her life into over drive as she’s appointed to work with the police. The search for the thief becomes complicated as she’s accompanied by Logan Rice, the donor of the gift.

Distrustful and wondering if Quinn is the thief, Logan accompanies her on a trip to Las Vegas and then to Rome, in pursuit of Quinn’s co-worker who she rationalizes is responsible. Logan has financial resources that enhance their search and he soon realizes Quinn is innocent. This only makes her more attractive to him, emotionally and physically.

As they race from city to city, Logan is determined to win over Quinn and convince her they have a chance as a couple. But Logan’s wealth and social position are the opposite of Quinn’s middle class life, and he devastates her by withholding information about his past. Yet she soon discovers what is most important to her, and that is Logan.

Karen Sue Burns writes romantic suspense and mystery featuring feisty heroines who find themselves embroiled in risky situations full of adventure and sexy heroes.



  1. I love it when ordinary people are thrown into extraordinary situations and I look forward to reading In Hot Pursuit. It was nice to meet you, thanks for sharing!

  2. Your book sounds great, Karen! Good luck with it!!

    I’m a fan of travelling…DH is not, but I drag him out a couple times each year. Me? I could live out of a suitcase, I think!

  3. Karen, this sounds like a wonderful adventure! Love the everywoman thrown into the deep end and having to swim!
    Good luck with your first book!!

  4. I like travel too and follow your heroine in her journey seems a great way to do it. Congratulations on your book!

  5. Writing is such a great excuse for traveling isn’t it? After reading your post, I’m reconsidering setting my stories so close to home.

  6. ” I imagined the absolutely worst thing that could happen. . . .” Oooh – the best way to start!! I can’t wait to read In Hot Pursuit and see how it all works out.

  7. In Hot Pursuit sounds wonderful Karen.

  8. Can’t wait to read it, Karen!

  9. Great blurb about you and your book. In Hot Pursuit…gotta love that title! Looking forward to reading it. Carol Ritten Smith

  10. Can’t wait to read it!

  11. All….Many thanks for your kind comments. I’ve been in a meeting all day on emergency management and have many ideas for more disasters to impact Quinn’s employer. The poor university is in for more turmoil and bad publicity!!

    Again…thank you!!

  12. I’m so thrilled for you Karen! Looking forward to reading this. I remember when it was just a nugget of an idea…congratulations!

  13. Congratulations, Karen! In Hot Pursuit sounds like a wonderful adventure. Enjoy your first book launch and may there be many, many more!

  14. Great book and blurb..wishing you much success!!

  15. I’m looking forward to reading In Hot Pursuit! Congratulations, Karen!

  16. Oh, I like the sound of that plot! Can’t wait to read it. Big congratulations.

  17. Can’t wait to read it — congrats!

  18. I love Rome, too — all this magnificent culture and food, yet it somehow feels like a small town. Congratulations! P.S. “In Hot Pursuit” is one of the best titles of the bunch!

    • Thanks for the comment, Lisa. I agree about Rome feeling like a small town…easy to walk central Rome and see the sights in one day. I like my title as well…all thanks to CR I might add!

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