Meet Lady in Red: Lilou DuPont

My romance novel is Dangerous Love. It will be available in 2012.

1. Introduce yourself, please (name you write under). Is this a pen or personal name? Why did you make the choice to write under that name?

Lilou DuPont. It is a pen name. Lilou is a newly popular French name and not completely all over the Internet. DuPont is after Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. A hub for people from all walks of life.

2. Let’s get the details out of the way: Single, married, divorced, widowed?



No. I have five nieces and one nephew.

Living where?

In Washington, DC. The name of my neighborhood is Foggy Bottom. I am eight blocks away from The White House.

Doing what, other than writing?

I sell advertising.

One—just one—physical characteristic


3. What’s your secret passion?

Java Chip Frappucino®. Hey, it helps me to write!

4. Tell us one thing about yourself you’d never change.

My independence.

5. If you didn’t live where you do, where would you live? Why?

New York City or Paris. I love big cities. New York for its grit and anything goes atmosphere. Paris because it is Paris.

6. Do you write about where you live or where you’d like to live?

I write about Eastern Europe! I am not sure that I would ever want to live there, but I have visited several times to research settings. Very inspiring!

7. What’s the first creative writing you remember doing outside a class?

My first feature length screenplay, based on my experience of falling for a car thief.

8. Why do you write romance novels?

I write in the Spicy subgenre. The sex is romantic, edgy, imaginative, metaphoric to the theme of the book, dangerous . . . I have no idea why! My main objective is to tell an entertaining story, to take the reader on a journey that ends very happily.

9. What else do you write?

Dangerous Love is my first book. I have written screenplays, song lyrics, plays, & short stories.

10. What one thing from your book did you take from personal experience?

My novel is based on a random encounter I had in Prague with a man whose grandfathers had been in the German SS.

11. What did you cut from your book that felt like severing a body part?

The last chapter—when Laura introduces Byron (the son of a Nazi) to her father (Jewish, traditional)—was very difficult for me to write. I basically journaled it for an entire summer. Then, one day in September, while on a train from NY to DC, I realized that I had just written my ending! I threw out all of the journaling.

12. Do you identify closely with one particular character? How?

While the heroine is based on me, I also identify with Leo, who makes a student film about blowing up the Prague Castle. I, too, attended film school. Leo is me, in my early twenties.

13. The best part about my writing life is: Realizing a vision.

14. The worst part about my writing life is: Preferring the company of my characters to that of actual people. Did I really say that?

15. Give us a hint about what the next book’s like.

Going deeper into Eastern Europe. I am working on a super sexy spy romance set in Bucharest, Romania. Vampires? No. Gypsies? Yes.

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  1. Hi Lilou, I’m looking forward to read Dangerous Love. Although that story about you falling for a car thief sounds most promising too.

    Best of luck with your book!

  2. Car thieves! Gypsies! Eastern Europe! Edgy! Spicy! Oh, my! I can’t wait to read. I also love Paris and NYC. Paris is so beautiful and just oozes art, romance, sophistication, history. NYC – the people, the people, the people. And of course, my beloved Austin – a city chock full of artists, nerds and liberals in the heart of cowboy country (just keeping it weird down here).

    It is so nice to meet you, Lilou!

  3. Wonderful to learn about you, Lilou, such a pretty name. Your book sounds intriguing, can’ wait to red it! I love a sexy romance. I also loved Prague. What a beautiful setting for a book.

  4. I’m intrigued!

  5. Gypsies are cool! Congrats on your release.

  6. It was great getting to know you a little better!!!

  7. Hi Lilou! Great interview! Would love to know more about that car thief! lol

  8. Thank you for the sweet comments, everyone! By the way, dating a car thief: Not recommended.

  9. Ha! I totally get you…I sometimes prefer my characters, too. 🙂

  10. I love that you dated a car thief and lived to write about it! Great interview and congrats on your debut!

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