Losing Track of Time

“What is the activity that makes you lose all track of time?”

When I was at one of those “find your passion” workshops and the presenter asked this question, it was easy to answer.


When I’m writing, time stands still, here in the real world, because I’ve slipped out of it into another world of my own creation.   And when I blink and emerge, I’m always surprised to find hours have passed.  The light of day has become the smudge of twilight and the rumble I’m hearing and feeling is a gentle reminder it’s been a long time since lunch!

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember.  The novels I produced in high school and college will never see the light of day, but they were important training for those I have published, including the soon-to-be-released Thunder in the Night, a launch title for Crimson Romance.  A romance with a mystery, a mystery with a romance, it’s all about the journey–to love, to truth, to The End.

What makes me lose all track of time?  Building a story–one word at a time.

Kate Fellowes





  1. Hi Kate.

    You are so right about disappearing into your own world. I hardly remember there is a real world out there. The setting of my novel was from fall through to spring, although I was writing it during the summer months. When I “emerged”, (super word to describe reentry into the real word, by the way!) I was always shocked to see green grass and leaves around me. I was forever asking what month it was.

    Did the Crimson graphic designers make your cover? It’s great! Very good looking, mysterious man–caught my attention. 😉

    Best wishes with Thunder in the Night! Carol Ritten Smith, author of Stubborn Hearts

  2. My friend calls it my writing look… when I’m lost in the world of what if… We stayed off site at NYC Nat’l’s last year, and I kept coming up with story ideas and forgetting to stay in the present.

    I love your cover as well.

  3. Great post! Both reading and writing make me lose track of time… I can’t do either while my kids are at home because they might just burn the house down and I wouldn’t notice.

  4. My husband jokes that the house could explode around me and there I’d be still sitting at my computer, plinking away! Or sitting with my fingers curled around the pages of a book…


    All the Best,
    Rionna Morgan

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