Lady in Red – Lynn Cahoon

Lady in Red…Dances with me…The song is floating through my mind as I write my first Ladies in Red blog post.  The LIR made up a quick and dirty who are you twenty questions, so here we go.


  1. Introduce yourself, please (name you write under). Is this a pen or personal name? Why did you make the choice to write under that name?  I’m Lynn Cahoon.  It’s a personal name. And I’m writing under it because I’ve heard way too many stories of authors at conferences forgetting to answer to their pen name.  But if I ever do write under a pen, it’s going to be Mia.  As in Princess All About Mia.

2. Let’s get the details out of the way:

Single, married, divorced, widowed? Married 4 years this time.

Parent? One son – a Seattle Microsoft guy.

Living where? St. Louis area.

Doing what, other than writing? Office work – automobile industry.

One—just one—physical characteristic – I have piano hands.  Never played, but have long, pretty fingers.

3. What’s your secret passion? Besides being an author? (Score!) I’d like to be a perpetual student. Powerball dreams.

4. Tell us one thing about yourself you’d never change. Love for learning.

5. If you didn’t live where you do, where would you live? Why? Seattle – to be near son – Boise – because I love Idaho – Or California – because it’s cool. Or NYC – just because.

6. Do you write about where you live or where you’d like to live? yes

7. What’s the first creative writing you remember doing outside a class? I wrote a story because I went driving one day and couldn’t get the what if story out of my mind.

8. Why do you write romance novels? Because everyone deserves love.

9. What else do you write? Because the voices tell me to?  Just kidding, kind of.  I do think a lot about my stories and the characters I develop.  How would they react, what would they say…

10. What one thing from your book did you take from personal experience? The wild rodeo weekend.

11. What did you cut from your book that felt like severing a body part? The cute bartender who realizes he needs to go back to school, in spite of his parents.

12. Do you identify closely with one particular character? How? Lizzie, my heroine, was a lot like me growing up.  Big dreams, ready to take on the world and then life kind of happened to her.  When she finally decides to take on her dreams, watch out world.

13. The best part about my writing life is: Sharing the story with others.  I cried reading my galleys because I still root for Lizzie and James.

14. The worst part about my writing life is: finding time to promote and write more.

15. Give us a hint about what the next book’s like.  Queen of the Stampede is the best friend’s love story.  Barb’s always been the one to take care of everything and everyone.  So when Hunter Evans asks her for a favor, she’s willing, even if it means she’ll have to play house with the hunky executive until he can secure custody of his orphaned niece.

BIO – Growing up in the middle of cowboy country, Lynn Cahoon was destined to fall in love with a tall, cool glass of water.  Now, she enjoys writing about small town America, the cowboys who ride the range, and the women who love them. Contact her at her website –

The Bull Rider’s Brother will be available through Crimson Romance on launch date – June 4th, 2012.  Check out the book here:



  1. Lynn, can’t wait to download The Bull Rider’s Brother onto my e-reader! Congratulations!

  2. Nice to meet you, Lynn :).

  3. Congratulations, Lynn! I think I could easily be a perpetual student too. I find it hard to resist a class. I think that’s one of the reasons I love writing–no end to the learning!

    • Sharon – thanks for stopping by. I’m glad to meet a fellow student!

  4. I love this post! Such great personality. Cool glass of water! Sounds like a cowboy to me!! Can’t wait to read your story.


  5. Great interview, Lynn! I still love the song “Lady in Red,” too! Now it will be stuck in my head all night 😉

    • I hate it when that happens. My DH plays the same song over and over in the morning so I’m humming whatever’s on his daily play list at work.

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