From Dream to Reality

Here I am, a soon to be published author.  I am cheering and crying and my emotions are pinballing around in my chest.  I can’t focus…I have no idea if I intended to eat the piece of toast that I put in the toaster or if it’s for my husband.  I am so busy celebrating…a long held dream come true!

I’ve written the book.  I’ve sent it off.  I’ve signed the contract.  Whew! Done.

Not a chance!

I don’t know about you, but when I received those infamous “3 e-mails” from Jennifer, my heart nearly stopped.  How in the world am I going to fit in all the things, all the social media networking, search engine optimization, blah blah blah into my life?  I went from having a few e-mails from my sister once or twice a week to having almost three-hundred a day.

I am the mother of four children.  Cooking and cleaning for them is a full time job.  I have a husband who loves having me around.  And I have a psycho cat.

Then I remembered this.  This is what I have been waiting for.  This is why I do what I do.  I am now a writer.  For real.  Not for hobby.  No longer is it squeaked in between television episodes of Winnie the Pooh.  This is my job.

I am thrilled! Honestly.

I don’t have it down to a science yet.  But, I do have a schedule, and I stick to it.  I write everyday…on my next book.  I spoke recently with a USA Today Bestselling Author.  She is a member of Montana Romance Writers along with me.  She gave the best piece of advice, I think.  Only do what you can do.  But always write.  Your fans, your readers want your next book.  Make sure they get it.

So I do check e-mail.  I do respond to everyone who responds to me.  I share links, and I’m currently reading two books for fellow Crimson Romance authors.  And I write.  (And I force myself to stand up once an hour to do five yoga poses).  And then I write.

I think it is a tough thing going from what you thought it would be–to what it is. I am very glad, ladies, that we travel this lovely path together.  I would love to hear your ideas, and how you are finding your way from dream to reality.

All the Best, Rionna Morgan

Crimson Romance Author:  Romantic Suspense

The Wanting Heart, Set to be released July 9, 2012

Please be invited to drop by my blog; I love visitors!  Rionna’s Blog


Source: via Pierce on Pinterest


  1. beautiful picture, Rionna! And you have such a good attitude. I love that piece of advice ‘only do what you can do. But always write’ … Congrats to you, can’t wait to see your book hit the cyber shelves!

    • Kristina,
      Thank you for the compliments and the congratulations. I can’t wait to read your book either!!!


  2. Hi!
    I’m finding that balancing all this harder than I thought. Unfortunately, writing seems to be the one thing slipping away. Sigh. Gotta get that fixed. PS. I sent you a msg…did you get it?

    • D’Ann,
      I definitely can relate about the writing, but then after my conversation with Bj Daniels. I felt so much better about handling everything. She really helped put things in perspective. I did get your message through Facebook, and I responded there. But, yes I would love to.


      • Hi!
        I missed your reply on facebook, sorry! When your release is close, get hold of me, and we’ll swap.

  3. Well said Rionna. I’d love for writing to be my full time job, but it isn’t, so I too have to become better disciplined in my writing. With the first book, no one knows you’re writing it and the timeline is all your own. Once you become published, it all changes, and that is going to take some serious adjustment on my part. But I am so happy to have this conundrum because it means my dream has been validated. Congratulations to all the Ladies in Red!

    • Diane,

      It does all change. Before I was published, I thought…I’m a writer. Yup. I’d tell people that and they’d smile because it sounded petty cool. But, now. I am a writer! Whoohoo!! And when I tell people about my book, the first thing they want to know is–where to buy it. And I get to tell them this whole huge list of places. Awesome!

      Good luck with the adjustments! I am so happy for you. 🙂


  4. Great post, Rionna! And, I love the positive attitude. There’s so much fun in the writing world, and I have no doubt you’ll find it and be a stellar success. I just signed with Crimson Romance and am excited to get to know my fellow CR authors more!

    • Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you BerinnRae. I love your name and your pretty face. Look how wonderful that smile is. 🙂 You let me know if you have any questions! I am serious. I would love to help all I can.


      • You are toooo sweet, Rionna! I look forward to getting to know you!

  5. Oh, I love, love that picture, just beautiful. I just got those 3 emails from Jennifer today, and yes, it’s exciting and will mean some life restructuring. Oh man, I am determined to get up early and write before work. Ouch.

    It’s so nice to have a group of writers like you all to share this journey with!

    I can’t wait to read your books!

    • Sharon,

      Thank you for the nice compliment. I am a midnight writer…I work generally until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. Then I sleep as much as I can before getting my kiddos up and off to school. My husband really helps pick up the slack in the mornings. He’s a morning person after all–me, I don’t even know what that would be like. I’m in a fog until about 10:00a.m. 🙂

      Good luck with all your early morning writings! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know–or any of us. We’d love to help all we can. What do you write? I can’t wait to read all of our works!! It will be so awesome to do so!


      • Thanks so much, Rionna! Wow, you stay up till 4 and then get your kids off to school?? I’m such a wimp, I really love 8 hours sleep.

        I write light, whimsical paranormal, Rionna. Love to read suspense!

  6. Thanks for saying what I am feeling as well as what I need to hear…just keep writing! I feel like I am now drowning in social media, but I know it’s necessary to promote our books. I also stop to do yoga poses 🙂 a very necessary part of my day. I love being a part of the CR family because everyone seems to have a positive attitude just like yours.

    • Elizabeth,

      Thank you for your nice words. If you can think of social media like spokes of a wagon wheel. You and your website are at the center, your Facebook, your Twitter, you Linkedin, your pinterest are all spokes of the wagon wheel and the more you access and post to each of those spokes, the more that wagon wheel turns. And you want it to turn…it’s leading your story to your readers. Which is exactly what we want. 🙂

      I love yoga. I get cranky if I don’t do it. My daughters will say, mom you’re grouchy have you done yoga today?? Cute.

      Let me know if I can help you with anything. I can’t wait to read your book!! So exciting.


  7. A wonderful post, Rionna! I feel exactly the same way. Going from anonymity with a handful of emails, to ‘meeting’ so many women fulfilling the same dream–is nothing short of amazing–and a bit intimidating. Thank you for sharing the sentiment and the advice.

    • Lotchie,

      Thank you for the nice compliment! You are very welcome on the advice and the sentiment.

      I can’t wait to read all of our stories and get to know of these wonderful women. All of you are a blessed gift, an unexpected, blessed gift.

      Have a great evening.


  8. you’re right. it is so tricky remembering amongst all the new hoopla (i love that word) that our first job is to write. then we dance…

    • Hoopla, I love that word too! So expressive. I also love the dancing…

      Happy Writing Today!!

  9. Like water to a parched soul…. You described what the last few weeks have been like to a tee. I wax and wane between being in kitty bliss and scared out of my mind. I’ve dreamt of this day for as long as I could remember. I can’t explain to my family and friends what this is like, some are ecstaic and others kind of look at me as if I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. (You wrote a book? You wrote WHAT kind of book?) I’ve been the quintessential school marm for so many years ; complete with pins in my hair and glasses. (Smile). And now I am a published author! I remember when I saw the cover of my book for the first time, I emailed Ms. Lawler a song lyric from Bing Crosby. ‘Have you ever seen a dream walking? Well I have. I live it everyday now. I carry it in my heart much like the song. Thank you
    for such a lovely place to share thoughts and ideas and to learn. I am an educator, but forever a student! I look forward to blogging with you in the future. Stephanie Freeman author “Necessary Evil

    • Stephanie,
      What a lovely comment! I feel as though we know each other. Kindred spirits from another time. I too share with people and get a similar reaction. I too am a teacher, pencils and pens ever falling from my hair. I too look forward to all the fun, learning and writing we will share!

      Have a wonderful day.
      All the Best,

  10. Great post and very much needed because after those 3 emails, I thought “What have I done?” I’ve always been a wife and mother first. And when everyone was well fed and happy, I’d sneak off to write. For me. Only lately has the dream to share it become a reality. But the whole social media thing is really got me worried. I really don’t know the first thing about it. I plan to follow you all and hopefully I’ll learn some things.
    Best wishes!
    Teresa Blue

    • Tereasa,

      Very nice to meet you! I am so happy we are traveling this road together.

      Social media can be overwhelming at times. But, if you can think of social media like spokes of a wagon wheel. You and your website are at the center, your Facebook, your Twitter, your Linkedin, your Pinterest are all spokes of the wagon wheel and the more you access and post to each of those spokes, the more that wagon wheel turns. And you want it to turn…it’s leading your story to your readers. And leading your readers to your story.

      Happy Writing!
      All the Best,

  11. I loved this article, Rionna. All your hard work has paid off, and what a glorious day for your readers!

    • Cherie,
      Thank you very much for the compliments. I feel very blessed to be able to share my writing with my readers. Can’t wait to get to know you.

      All the Best,

  12. Hi, Rionna and All-

    My name is M.J. Schiller and I, too, am a new Crimson author. This post was perfect as I believe we are all feeling the same way right now, extremely excited, and a little overwhelmed! It is great that we have this outlet to help each other along the way. I am doubly blessed as another writer from my RWA group, R.T. Wolfe, received her contract with Crimson a week after I did. We are holding each other’s hands through this, sharing information and encouraging each other. As you said, it’s a little intimidating, but every author has been where we are now, and just making it this far is a triumph.

    Best of luck with your book-mj

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